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Clive Sinclair: a subtle metaphor there... Moj Mikro, March 1988.
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11 days ago by darkobodnaruk
The Unrepeatable Architectural Moment of Yugoslavia’s “Concrete Utopia” | Justin McGuirk
The great achievement of Yugoslavia, reflected in its architecture, was in being able to keep collectivism and individualism in some kind of balance.
7th  august  2018  new  yorker  justin  mcguirk  architecture  modernism  yugoslavia 
10 weeks ago by pnjman
Balkan Neighbors End a Decades-Long Row Over a Disputed Name
Greece wants Balkan Republic to revise constitution before authorizing ascent to EU and NATO
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june 2018 by gorillaBraun
Undercover at the Miss Ex-Yugoslavia Pageant | Literary Hub
Excerpt from a book by Sofija Stefanovic about a 2005 beauty contest in Australia for young women from the former Yugoslavia. (Stefanovic, a film student, participated with the idea of making a documentary about it.)

"Partly, it’s my guilt—for not experiencing war firsthand, for having been born in Belgrade instead of Sarajevo—that makes me crave [former Sarajevo native] Nina’s affection. My family left not because our lives were in danger, but because my parents wanted their daughters to have opportunities greater than those offered in wartime Yugoslavia. I know that Nina and I share ex-Yugoslavia, but the piece that belongs to her is more damaged than the piece that belongs to me. I wonder if she feels this injustice too, if she has a desire to punish me for the privileges I had, as I, deep down, feel a need to be punished."

"I spot another member of my crew, Luke, who I’ve enlisted to record sound. “This is like a Kusturica film,” Luke says with glee, when I wave him over to the dressing room. He’s a fan of the Serbian director who is known for the surreal depictions of ex-Yugoslavians. Luke looks around at my community, clearly hoping a pig will appear and start gnawing at the bar, or that someone will smash a bottle over his own head."
yugoslavia  ethnicity 
april 2018 by PeterErwin
Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature Online, Harvard University
Text and audio material from the research of Milman Parry and Albert B. Lord on South Slavic oral traditions, including epic songs, poetry, stories, and conversation.
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april 2018 by HarvardMusicLib

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