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YouGov Survey Report
12-14 December 2018
Voting intention on GE & Brexit
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8 weeks ago by chrismasters
Introduce a four day week, say public | YouGov
57% support introducing a four day working week in the UK – and 71% say it would make Britain happier
bullshit  job  yougov  poll  labor  productivity 
9 weeks ago by alexisbellido
Vinyl destination: who is actually buying records? | Music | The Guardian
YouGov says middle-aged men – not millennials – are fuelling the record renaissance. We hit the stores of Soho to test their data
Music  MusicNews  MusicFeatures  TheGuardian  London  Soho  YouGov  Vinyl  VinylCollecting  2016  Research  Reportage 
october 2018 by dk33per

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