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Priya Ramrakha’s Brief, Heroic Life as a Conflict Photographer, in Africa and Beyond | Paul Theroux
His camera was an extension of his brain and his eye, and it did not shy away from danger or death.
8th  february  2019  new  yorker  paul  theroux  photography  priya  ramrakha 
9 weeks ago by pnjman
The Family Business That Put Nashville Hot Chicken on the Map | Paige Williams
An African-American-owned restaurant began making the spicy dish eighty years ago. Now it’s a viral sensation. Who’s getting the big money?
4th  february  2019  new  yorker  paige  williams  food  nashville  hot  chicken 
11 weeks ago by pnjman
"Oh—now I see where we part company. You are cleaving unto the spirit of … Premium Giclee Print by Mort Gerberg | Art.com
Oh—Now I see where we part company. You are cleaving unto the spirit of the law, while I am cleaving to the letter of the law!"
cartoon  New  Yorker  Mort  Gerberg  letter  of  the  law  spirit 
12 weeks ago by Michael.Massing
Joe Gould’s Secret—I By Joseph Mitchell | The New Yorker | September 19, 1964
oe Gould was an odd and penniless and unemployable little man who came to the city in 1916 and ducked and dodged and held on as hard as he could for over thirty-five years. He was a member of one of the oldest families in New England (“The Goulds Were the Goulds,” he used to say, “when the Cabots and the Lowells were clamdiggers”), he was born and brought up in a town near Boston in which his father was a leading citizen, and he went to Harvard, as did his father and grandfather before him, but he claimed that until he arrived in New York City he had always felt out of place.
Joseph  Mitchell  JosephMitchell  Joe  Gould  JoeGould  New  Yorker  NewYorker  TheNewYorker  bio  profile  literature  writing  free  foodsecurity  food 
december 2018 by userX
Do Proteins Hold the Key to the Past? | Sam Knight
New methods are allowing a group of scientists to reëxamine the world’s libraries and archives, in search of the hidden lives of authors.
26th  november  new  yorker  sam  knight  science  proteomics  history  literature 
november 2018 by pnjman

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