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Namasketch — Yoga Session in Doodles
Mini yoga session for beginners told in doodles.
Create a strong foundation with ten basic poses in a six-minute flow.
17 hours ago by eduardoportilho
Yoga Sanskrit Glossary: 200 Key Terms - Yoga Journal
Unlock the mystery of the language of yoga with this glossary of over 200 Sanskrit yoga terms.
language  yoga  sanskrit  terminology 
5 days ago by padakonn
It’s Okay to Do Yoga Purely for the Workout
It’s okay if yoga is just exercise and meditation. In fact, it would be better for us to practice it that way, shedding its religious overtones and making it more accessible to people who already have a separate spiritual life — including many black and Latinx folks, who are less likely to do yoga than white people. Maybe it’s possible to pay our respects to yoga’s Indian roots and move on, acknowledging that modern postural yoga is not a religious experience. Then we can recognize the practice for what it is right now: a great way to connect your mind with your body, build strength and flexibility, and learn to breathe. It does not have to be more than that.
yoga  fitness  culturalappropriation  perspective 
7 days ago by kme
Is a Dream Exercise Class for Lovers - Parade
Dog  Animal  Yoga  from twitter_favs
9 days ago by stevechic
Retreats | Yoga | Yogakoh
Page Jeter and Lauren are involved
10 days ago by koryklem

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