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Chances are, you’re bending over the wrong way -
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8 days ago by rdr
The Problem with Zen Boyfriends | HuffPost Life
What defines a Zen boyfriend is the manner in which he skillfully uses spiritual ideals and practices as an excuse for his terror of, and refusal to be...
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9 days ago by hypatia
The Kundalini Guide
was on batgap (buddha at the gas pump) 11/18. Kundalini energy outburst that scare the practitioner and/or friends. Chakra sounds
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9 days ago by mbrick02
Flexible, Versatile: Lenovo Launches Suite of Yoga Laptops in Singapore
Computing giant Lenovo of ThinkPad fame has announced the launch of three new Yoga devices during its event in Singapore today. Catering to a wide variety of users with different backgrounds, Lenovo’s range of devices promise great flexibility in form and in function.  At the top of the pack is the Lenovo Yoga C930. Pen-enabled...

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Flexible  Versatile:  Lenovo  Launches  Suite  of  Yoga  Laptops  in  Singapore 
11 days ago by vrzone

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