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Black Friday Banner Gone Wrong: Advertising in Free Plugins – WordPress Tavern
Another perfect example of the blatant corruption and hypocrisy that has gone on for years with the “good old boys” over at WordPress.org. Sponsor a WordCamp here, or donate the WP.org high value domain there, and get away with breaking any rules you want…
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7 weeks ago by foliovision
Preventing your site from being indexed, the right way • Yoast
Blocking websites from indexing, differences between being listed and indexed, with relevant robots.txt and meta tags
google  apache  htaccess  robots  crawlers  bots  spiders  listing  indexing  search  wordpress  yoast  seo 
september 2019 by rwintle
How to set custom Facebook Open Graph tags - Yoast Knowledge Base
Explains how to set custom Open Graph tags on the homepage, posts, pages, and taxonomies using the Yoast SEO preview and filters.
yoast  seo  facebook  open  graph  hooks  filters 
august 2019 by jennettefulda
Yoast setup
Shared by Jono Anderson
SEO  Yoast 
april 2019 by philmackem

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