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Al Wertheimer: Elvis's Famous Kiss | Ep. 12 Part 3/4 Capture | Reserve Channel - YouTube
don't ask the subject/model to 'sit still' - ask them to engage!
get the inner mind of their person coming out to the photo
get the essence of the subject
only 2 posed photos - with the panda
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march 2014 by bwiese
Notitia Dignitatum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Notitia contains the earliest known depictions of the diagram which later came to be known as yin and yang symbol.[4][5][6] The infantry units armigeri defensores seniores ("shield-bearers") and Mauri Osismiaci had a shield design which corresponds to the dynamic, clockwise version of the symbol.[4] The emblem of the Thebaei, another Western Roman infantry regiment, featured a pattern of concentric circles comparable to its static version. The Roman patterns predate the earliest Taoist versions by almost seven hundred years.[4]
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february 2014 by mahmoud
The hidden meanings of yin and yang - John Bellaimey | TED-Ed
"The ubiquitous yin-yang symbol holds its roots in Taoism/Daoism, a Chinese religion and philosophy."
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december 2013 by kentlundgren
Achieving Business Outcome With Enterprise Architecture
The idea of the framework is based on my belief that a good architect bring order to the structures and a great architect bring balance to the means and ends. Inspired by that belief, to illustrate the framework I’ve chosen to start in the Yin-Yang symbol.
enterprisearchitecture  yinyang  image 
september 2011 by ironick
Patterns of Positive and Negative | BLiNK
I have an obsession. I'm obsessed with a particular type of pattern design ― patterns where the positive space creates an exact copy of itself in negative space, like a yin-yang.
I have memories of spending time in grade school bathrooms staring at the tile and wondering, “Are the tiles arranged randomly or is there a repeating pattern?” As an adult and a parent, this childhood experience is interesting to me in how it may have informed my choice of design as a profession. I also wonder how childhood experiences influence our choices as designers.
pattern  design  doodle  sketch  positive  negative  yinyang 
august 2011 by _m_space
qsl cards
amateur cb radio station business cards
Typography  YinYang 
march 2010 by ericwrenn

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