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The Emerging Global Web
Barney Tan’s talk at #disruptsyd prompted me to remember @yiibu’s ralk on The Emerging Global Web-similar themes
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september 2015 by grantyoung
The Emerging Global Web
The web was first conceived 25 years ago, by an Englishman. Fifteen years later, as the first crop of dot.coms were going bust, close to 60% of its users (and all Alexa "top 20" sites) came from developed nations. Fast forward to today, and the picture is strikingly different. Almost half the Alexa "top 20" now comes from emerging economies. Economies where close to 3 billion people have yet to use the web, but thanks to mobile--won't have to wait much longer to discover it. This presentation will introduce you to fascinating and innovative services that are re-shaping the web to serve the consumers of tomorrow. Driven by mobile, the power of personal relationships, and the breakneck pace of globalisation, these services provide a glimpse into the business models, opportunities and challenges we will face, when growing a truly global web.
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april 2014 by inspiral
Beyond progressive-enhancement
"...in a world where everything is connected every company is now a technology company"
september 2013 by bridgestew
RESS, Server-Side Feature-Detection and the Evolution of Responsive Web Design – Mobile in Higher Ed
RT @dmolsen: RESS, Server-Side Feature-Detection and the Evolution of Responsive Web Design
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february 2012 by sunpig
Mobile users don’t do that | Stephanie Rieger
"Mobile users don't do that" by @stephanierieger is a must-read for anyone considering a "mobile" project.
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february 2012 by sunpig

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