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Yemeni War Emphasizes Importance of Internet Control in Statecraft and Conflict
Recorded Future looks at the role of information controls and internet access in Yemen amid the country's ongoing conflict, and how the tactics at play there are part of a broader, worldwide trend of states "manipulating the internet access of their citizens." In Yemen, Recorded Future says, "...factions vie for control of internet infrastructure and use clever threat vectors in a few ways to control information entering and leaving their territories. The severing of or restrictions on internet use has become a norm in a wider trend of internet restrictions or blackout activity."

Drawing from additional recent examples of internet censorship and shutdowns in Venezuela, Bangladesh, India, and Sudan, Recorded Future notes the rising trend of internet censorship and its downsides: "Censorship at these levels is not limited to the countries above, but internet control has become a tool being used more and more by countries as part of their statecraft. Government censorship is not a new trend, but outside parties are increasingly reporting on such incidents. States that implement such measures take a risk — they may maintain control over their populations, but these actions will also likely be detrimental to their domestic economies and stifle business opportunities. Countries that implement digital censorship tend to slow their own technological growth and business innovation."
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'This Is Historic': US Senate Passes War Powers Resolution to End Complicity in World's Worst Humanitarian Crisis
USA Senate vote reasserts congressional authority over war-making, one step in process to ending US support for Saudi-Yemen war
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Socotra Island: UNESCO-Protected 'Jewel of Arabia' Threatened by Yemen’s Civil War - Inside Arabia
This UNESCO human heritage site, located on a remote island isolated from the rest of the world off the coast of Yemen, hosts a third of the island’s plants…
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Yemen Under Siege | NYRB
Robert Worth reviews books by Bonnefoy, Lackner and Brandt on Yemen's catastrophe
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Nearly 20 MILLION people in need health assistance.

The same number of people are food insecure – an unprec…
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RT : For a lot of people is an abstract concept on a map, the definition of a strange land far far away. But let…
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