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Peach Kuchen Recipe, from littlehouseliving
Eventually we got her to write down some version of her recipe but it wasn’t the same. So with my baking skills (that must have been passed down from her!), I edited the recipe I was given to try and come as close to her real recipe as possible. Her crust was always quite thick with very little room for filling and I always thought one of the best flavors was her peach kuchen recipe because peaches always taste fresh in a kuchen when you use home canned peaches like I do. (But feel free to use fresh peaches if you have them!)
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24 days ago by yesterdaysjam
We’re Re-animating Beer from Century-Old Yeast | Urban Artifact
Full video:
Kollman Baker got wind of the rumored fermenting tank from our friend Michael Morgan, an author and entrepreneur who helped blaze Cincinnati’s Brewing Heritage Trail. “They found cellars on Race Street and apparently there’s this big wooden vat,” Kollmann Baker recalls Morgan telling him. Kollman Baker was skeptical. But Morgan, Cincinnati’s pre-eminent beer historian, had ascertained that a tenement building in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of Cincinnati—an epicenter of 19thcentury beer-making, just north of downtown—stood atop stone-vaulted lagering cellars used by some of the city’s most prominent beer barons.

Approximately 60 yeast scrapings were gathered from inside and outside the vat, its spigot, and even the cellar’s walls, and captured in jars of wort (a malt infusion; a sort of pre-beer beer). We fermented them for six months and then cracked them open. Well, most of them. Some appeared too scary to unleash. “A few of them had turned black,” recalls Morgan, who cautiously sampled drops with the Urban Artifact brewers. “There was a mild freakout from one of the testers who jumped up to wash his hands.”
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27 days ago by kme
BBC - Future - The strange science inside your sourdough
There were more than 350 strains of microorganisms across the starters, and most of the starters had yeasts from the Saccharomyces genus, the same group that common baker’s yeast belongs to. But one was dominated by completely different yeasts, from the genuses Naumovozyma and Kazachstania. Another recent project from the research group – called the Global Sourdough Project, which aims to look at the effects of geography on the make-up of different starters – found these yeasts to be a distinctive feature of Australian starters, says Madden.

Second, when the researchers swabbed the bakers’ clean, washed hands and cultured the resulting microbes, they found that the bakers’ hand microbiomes were a bit different to other people’s. They looked more like the sourdough starters’ microbial makeup, suggesting that perhaps the constant dunking of their hands in acidic bread dough had influenced the survival of the fittest on bakers’ hands and produced a different set of tiny inhabitants. (Make no mistake – your body and your food are playing grounds for natural selection, just like the larger-scale habitats we’re more used to thinking of.)
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5 weeks ago by dominomaster
Bagel - Wikipedia
A bagel is a bread product originating in the Jewish communities of Poland.
bagel  food  poland  Judaism  Jewish  history  bread  dough  yeast 
april 2019 by javagar
Making a Sourdough Starter From Scratch – The Perfect Loaf
In seven steps. Also has links to preserving a starter in the fridge, feeding schedules, using a starter, and a link to best tools for bread baking.
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april 2019 by Maurice.hajjar

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