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"A May investment presentation on Remark Media indicated the company had $18 million in assets, $12.8 million in liabilities and $9.4 million in debt as of Dec. 31. Its Dec. 31 income statement for the previous 12 months showed revenue of $1.8 million, but a net loss of $18.2 million for the year.

Officials at say its site receives 3.4 million visitors per month across all platforms, including Google and the iOS Las Vegas app."
acquisitions  year:2015  remark_media  empires  domains  news 
8 weeks ago by skinnymuch
Yes - tinzelda - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve’s a patriotic kind of guy, so Bucky doesn’t have to work too hard to convince him to take a road trip after President Roosevelt proclaims 1940 to be “Travel America Year.” Though really, Bucky doesn’t have to work too hard to convince Steve to do just about anything.
setting:pre-war  fandom:avengers  p:marvel:bucky/steve  setting:road.trip  year:2015  length:10k-20k 
october 2018 by rainbowslinky
like a sparrow stunned with falling - radialarch - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve tries to take a calming breath and ends up with another lungful of the gas. He’s starting to feel a little warm now, his collar too tight around his neck.

“What does it do,” he says.

Bucky’s lips curl, a little. “Sex,” he says.
trope:sex.pollen  fandom:avengers  p:marvel:bucky/steve  length:01K-05K  year:2015 
october 2018 by rainbowslinky
days we were whole - radialarch - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve wakes up off the ice. Then the Winter Soldier breaks into his house and takes him on a road trip.

They see a little of 21st-century America and a lot of each other, and maybe they each learn something new.
setting:road.trip  p:marvel:bucky/steve  fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  year:2015  length:10k-20k  tw:dub-con 
october 2018 by rainbowslinky
burning in icy space - laireshi - Marvel 616 [Archive of Our Own]
After Steve finds out, Tony thinks there's no place for him on Earth anymore. Peter tries to help. If only he didn't know exactly how Tony feels.
fandom:avengers  verse:616  genre:angst  year:2015  type:fix-it  p:marvel:quill/tony  length:10k-20k  setting:space  notes:positive.ending 
september 2018 by rainbowslinky
Formerly - laireshi - Marvel 616 [Archive of Our Own]
A week ago, he touched Steve at night. A week ago, he kissed him. A week ago, Steve kissed him back.

(A week ago Steve was dead, and Tony deleted his brain.)
fandom:avengers  verse:616  p:marvel:tony/steve  subject:amnesia  year:2015  length:10k-20k  notes:positive.ending  genre:angst  trope:fix-it  pov:tony.stark 
september 2018 by rainbowslinky
Like a Comet Streaming On - Sineala - Marvel (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony escapes Afghanistan with a functioning Iron Man suit and a perfectly normal heart. He even manages to bring Ho Yinsen home safely at his side. But he may as well have lost everything... because his wolfbrother is dead. Six months later, the Avengers find Captain America, frozen in ice, miraculously alive. Everything and everyone Steve has ever known is gone -- except his wolfsister, the recipient of the lupine version of the super-soldier serum, who was frozen in his arms. Tony has everything but his wolf. Steve has only his wolf. This is how their lives fit together.
fandom:avengers  year:2015  p:marvel:tony/steve  length:20k-50k  subject:animals  subject:grief/mourning  character-type:werewolf  tw:dub-con  notes:positive.ending  notes:warm.and.fuzzy  verse:616 
august 2018 by rainbowslinky
Imperfect Mirrors - Sineala - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Two months since Ultron. Two hours since the mindwipe. Things haven't been going well for Tony Stark lately, in two different universes. But they just might be able to help each other out.
fandom:avengers  verse:mcu  verse:616  genre:fusion  pov:tony.stark  genre:gen  year:2015  length:05k-10k 
august 2018 by rainbowslinky
Clint Barton's Super Secret Snipers' Club - Chapter 1 - sara_holmes - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
"When Steve brings Bucky back to the tower for the first time, Clint’s first thought is that Tony Stark’s pride and joy is quickly becoming a less of a very tall and expensive ‘fuck you’ in the faces of investors who don’t believe in self-sustaining energy, and more of a superhero rehabilitation center."

Boyfriends, compromises and learning to like oneself.
fandom:avengers  p:marvel:bucky/clint  length:50k+  year:2015  notes:FEELS  !rec 
july 2018 by rainbowslinky
we weren't built for this - ftmsteverogers - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
“We’re going to the place you promised to take me,” Steve said, meeting Bucky’s eyes in the rear view mirror. “All those years ago. Do you remember?”
fandom:avengers  setting:road.trip  subject:recovery  p:marvel:bucky/sam/steve  p:marvel:steve/sam  length:05k-10k  year:2015 
july 2018 by rainbowslinky
A Little Honey & A Little Sun - kvikindi - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
me: "I kind of want to write a fic where Bucky doesn't decide to become a superhero."

me: "Like a fic where he becomes a pacifist beekeeper in upstate New York."

aka: The Emotionally Repressed Bee Farm Love Story
notes:heartsforeyes  notes:positive.ending  fandom:avengers  p:marvel:bucky/steve  genre:gen  subject:bees  subject:ptsd  !favorites  !rec  year:2015  length:05k-10k 
july 2018 by rainbowslinky
Half of the History (We Shall Never Know) - Speranza - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
[This is a war story.]
"Oh, I like that. Knockout," Peggy mused. "Well, God knows I've tried."

"Side of the head." Bucky pointed. "Front's too hard. Hit the side of the head, knock their brains around," and wow, that was a smile, and she leaned in to kiss him. They kissed a little stupidly, a little drunk off the whole situation, laughing against each other until it all went heated, more urgent, deeper.

"You kiss like Steve," Peggy said when they broke apart. "Did you teach Steve to—" and it must have been all over his face, because she frowned and said: "You're worried about what I think."

[probably my favorite characterization of all characters involved EVER]
!favorites  !rec  fandom:one.direction  verse:mcu  p:marvel:bucky/steve  p:marvel:bucky/natasha/steve  p:marvel:steve/peggy/bucky  c:marvel:bucky.barnes  author:speranza  length:20k-50k  year:2015  setting:wwii  setting:post-winter.soldier 
july 2018 by rainbowslinky
I Would Follow You (To the Moon and Back)
Summary: Everyone has baggage, some people sleepwalk, some have obsessive exes, and others turn into anthropomorphic wolf-like monsters that destroy furniture and run rampant in the forest. Perfectly normal.

Or the one where Harry and Louis have been dating for six months, Harry is a werewolf, and it's a full moon. This time they're going to get it right.
pairing:harry/louis  title:i  author:d  author:dick  rating:nc-17  w/c:20-25k  genre:au  genre:werewolf!fic  character:werewolf!harry  challenge:bottomlouisficexchange  year:2015  pdf  epub  FAVORITES 
june 2018 by Space.Clown
Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief - Chapter 1 - OddityBoddity - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
He has learned, from listening in cafes and in bars, that Steve Rogers has come to the future with him, and that he is working in SHIELD, and SHIELD is, was, one of Hydra’s many heads.

[Steve’s got his bag open and is extracting something blue and limp and soft-looking. A sweater. There’s white writing in plastic letters on it. He holds it up. It says, I am Steve Rogers. Clint beams, like he’s seeing his very own child. He nods at Bucky.

“C’mon,” he says.

Bucky opens the bag and draws out the sweater. It says, If found please return to Steve Rogers.

“You’re fucking kidding me,” Bucky says softly. “This is about seventy years too late.”]
He knows that Steve Rogers has disappeared. That he was summoned to a hearing and did not attend, and this has made the news. It did not escape Bucky’s notice that Steve Rogers is a match for him, even with the metal arm. It is not outside the realm of possibility that Rogers is going to try to recover the Asset. It may even be that Steve is an Asset himself.
fandom:avengers  subject:memory  pov:bucky.barnes  year:2015  notes:positive.ending  notes:cute  notes:mindthetags  notes:depressing  length:20k-50k  genre:action  p:marvel:bucky/steve 
june 2018 by rainbowslinky
Sharp Teeth and Bird Bones - Chapter 1 - Shaish, Stringlish - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
There’s a tale where one did fall in love with a man, but unlike The Little Mermaid, this one was not kind or forgiving or even what you would call loving.

But he was curious.

He was curious enough to save a man, instead of eat him.

And curious enough to see him again.
fandom:avengers  character-type:mermaid  tw:violence  tw:torture  year:2015  !favorites  !rec  tw:blood  notes:dark  notes:melancholy  notes:positive.ending  notes:fascinating  p:marvel:bucky/steve 
may 2018 by rainbowslinky

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