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Maureen Johnson on Twitter: "Trying to tweet normally this week is like being stuck in a tilt-a-whirl for six hours and then stepping off and being handed a needle to thread."
“Trying to tweet normally this week is like being stuck in a tilt-a-whirl for six hours and then stepping off and being handed a needle to thread.”
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College Football Games of the Year (Updated June 26)
The early release affairs and lines for the 2018 College Football Games of the Year events from South Point of Las Vegas have been updated. The first big Saturday of the season, September 8, 2018, offers up four events. Georgia squares off against South Carolina, intrastate rivals Iowa State and Iowa tangle, as well Penn […]

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College  Football  Picks  Predictions  and  Odds  Week  1  arizona  state  wildcats  chip  kelly  games  of  the  year  live  rankings  scoreboard  team  previews  herm  edwards  Oregon  Pac-12  Stanford  ucla  usc 
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