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The Submarine
PG admits it: "I know because I spent years hunting such "press hits." Our startup spent its entire marketing budget on PR: at a time when we were assembling our own computers to save money, we were paying a PR firm $16,000 a month. And they were worth it. PR is the news equivalent of search engine optimization; instead of buying ads, which readers ignore, you get yourself inserted directly into the stories."
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10 days ago by mechazoidal
Startup Playbook by Sam Altman
>To have a successful startup, you need: a great idea, a great market, a great team, a great product, and great execution.
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24 days ago by ricardobeat
How To Be Successful - Sam Altman
I’ve observed thousands of founders and thought a lot about what it takes to make a huge amount of money or to create something important. Usually, people start off wanting the former and end up...
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6 weeks ago by JINYONG86

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