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mount_oregano | WisCon 42 report
"Auctioneer Sumana “brainwane” Harihareswara, a stand-up comedian among other career choices, was surprised by some of the bidding. A red plastic inflatable fish skeleton was sold for $145. “I’m exceedingly aware that this is ridiculous,” she said as bidding escalated “for a thing you never needed ... this goddam fish ... that I got helping a friend move” because the friend was going to discard it. The winning bidder received a standing ovation.

Next, to Sumana’s greater amazement, a 2002 O’Reilly manual, Essential Blogging, Cory Doctorow’s first book, sold for even more, $355, despite its discussion of highly out-of-date technology. Perhaps the proximity to the temporary bar in the hallway had something to do with all this."
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19 hours ago by brainwane
kind words from Ernest
"it was so wonderful to catch up with @brainwane this evening. i feel incredibly lucky to get to collaborate with Sumana and even more lucky to call her a friend. <3"
6 weeks ago by brainwane
Newsletter #79: Amazon’s Security Platform Encourages Racism – The Recompiler
"At PyCon 2019, Sumana Harihareswara, a longtime friend of The Recompiler, will be hosting a small arts festival: The Art of Python. Submissions for 5-20 minute plays are open until February 28 and Recompilers are absolutely encouraged to apply."
9 weeks ago by brainwane
FAQs for !!Con West
"We want to retain the important aspects of the original !!Con’s aesthetic"
november 2018 by brainwane
Monday! Only 23 days till Halloween!! 🧛‍♂️🐸

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october 2018 by electroponix
Yay - Yet Another Reliable AUR Helper Written In Go - OSTechNix
Yay, aka Yet Another Yaourt, is a new reliable AUR helper written in GO language. It provides an interface for pacman and it has almost no dependencies.
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september 2018 by jpin
Colleen Barry on Twitter: "Oh my god, EVEN MORE GENIUS!… "
(Colleen’s reply to when you bought your own “I Voted” stickers.)
“Oh my god, EVEN MORE GENIUS!”
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august 2018 by handcoding
When plans you didn't want to go to get canceled
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august 2018 by miaeaton
alanbato praising Sumana's work on PyPI
"I enjoyed contributing to PyPI's relaunch effort a lot, and I have to thank @brainwane's PM and community efforts for a big part of it.
It really feels different when there's an organized and formal approach to OSS project management.
But that's just my 2 cents :)"
july 2018 by brainwane

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