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Getting Started | Yarn
Yarn is a JavaScript Package Manager, a direct competitor of npm, and it’s one of the Facebook Open Source projects. It’s compatible with npm packages, so it has the great advantage of being a drop-in replacement for npm. When it launched it used to be way faster than npm due to parallel download and caching, but now npm did catch up with many of its features ... Tools eventually converge to a set of features that keeps them on the same level to stay relevant, so we’ll likely see those features in npm in the future - competition is nice for us users.
yarn  package_manager  javascript  diigo 
5 days ago by doglord
Using Bootstrap with Rails Webpacker
Tutorial for integrating Bootstrap 4 with Rails and Webpacker 4
rails  bootstrap  webpack  yarn  rails6 
7 days ago by beery
Welcome | Elissa's Creative Warehouse
Another LYS, might have more kid stuff
crochet  yarn  crafts 
8 days ago by pjmorse
Fix 'illegal operation on a directory' by beck · Pull Request #7389 · yarnpkg/yarn
As is
If a parent directory contains a folder named package.json/,
yarn will try to json parse the directory.
With this
Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission because testing for
existence is not sufficient.
Fixes: #6062
yarn  pr  github 
14 days ago by blurback
devshorts/ytools: Yarn workspace tools
Yarn workspace tools. Contribute to devshorts/ytools development by creating an account on GitHub.
tools  yarn  node  software-development 
17 days ago by sjmarshy

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