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yantantether - Nor yet a floating spar
Shen Wei, distinguished professor, respected member of the community, Black Cloaked Envoy, master of the ineffable, is lost.
guardian  yantantether  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  episoderelated  pwp  wc:<5k 
11 days ago by goodgriefcharlie
yantantether - Soaring birds come home together
Shen Wei brings one hand up and starts petting at Zhao Yunlan’s face, nearly poking him in the eye. Zhao Yunlan gets out his phone and shines the torch on him. Shen Wei yelps and tries to cover his eyes, knocking the phone out of Zhao Yunlan's hand in the process. It hits the ground, clattering against something hard, and the light goes out. “Sorry,” Shen Wei says sheepishly.

A suspicion begins to dawn. “Fuck, are you drunk?”
guardian  yantantether  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  au:stillalive  post-canon  established.relationship  wc:5-10k 
12 days ago by goodgriefcharlie
yantantether - Beseeching fires all night long
Zhao Yunlan's fingers tease open the buttons over Shen Wei’s belly. As he undoes them, one finger brushes against the cold skin under the cotton and Shen Wei sucks in a breath. Zhao Yunlan chuckles. “Is Brother Black ticklish?”
guardian  yantantether  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  episoderelated  h/c  kisses  wc:<5k 
4 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie
yantantether - like the deserts
Somewhere far below, Shen Wei is counting on him, and Zhao Yunlan is so fucking useless he can't even find a way to help him. He imagines a future without Shen Wei around to complain about the state of his fridge, bully him into eating vegetables, provide his effortlessly startling insights into SID's cases, and kiss him until he's nothing but a mass of nerve endings, and the thought makes the emptiness inside expand until it begins to swallow him.
guardian  yantantether  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  wc:10-20k 
5 weeks ago by goodgriefcharlie

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au:stillalive  episoderelated  established.relationship  guardian  h/c  kisses  post-canon  pwp  shenwei/zhaoyunlan  wc:<5k  wc:10-20k  wc:5-10k 

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