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"How To" needed on Adjusting valves on 1988 xt350 - Yamaha Dual Sport - ThumperTalk
Can someone direct me on a How-to adjust/checking the valves on the 1988 xt350? I couldnt find anything on Utube I am learning the bike and and understand they are pretty bulletproof but one must keep the valves adjusted periodically. Thanks! Stashu
xt350  yamaha 
4 weeks ago by cayco
Yamaha PSS list
"Here is a catalog of all synths belonging to the Yamaha PortaSound PSS series.
These data come from tons of random sources and some might be wrong.

Synthesis types :
By "basic shapes" I mean generic oscillators such as pulses.
By "wavetables" I mean slightly more sophisticated waveforms.
By "samples" I mean AWM synthesis or longer triggered samples.
By "fm" I mean OPL-based digital synths (usually 2 operators)."

Yamaha  keyboard  list  MIDI  YannvanderCruyssen 
6 weeks ago by cosmic
Wikipedia - Miburi
"The Miburi system consists of a vest with embedded capacitive displacement sensors, two hand-grips, and shoe inserts with pressure sensors, and a belt-worn signal distribution unit joined by a cable to a small synthesizer/MIDI converter."
Wikipedia  Yamaha  Miburi  MIDI  music  vest  wearable  sensor  belt  synth  gesture  SusumuHirasawa 
7 weeks ago by cosmic

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