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Microsoft Word Document Upload to Stored XSS: A Case Study
An XSS attack using MS Word Documents that can be uploaded and downloaded. Lists a few defenses against the attack also.
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7 days ago by mcherm
htmLawed, script / software to secure / sanitize / purify / filter HTML / XHTML using PHP
HTML filter-purifier to restrict & tidy HTML, and remove XSS, a PHP Labware internal utility
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18 days ago by jlancaster
Unleashing an Ultimate XSS Polyglot · 0xSobky/HackVault Wiki
When it comes to testing for cross-site scripting vulnerabilities (a.k.a. XSS), you’re generally faced with a variety of injection contexts where each of which requires you to alter your injection payload so it suites the specific context at hand. This can be too tedious and time consuming in most cases, but luckily, XSS polyglots can come in handy here to save us a lot of time and effort.

What is an XSS polyglot?
An XSS polyglot can be generally defined as any XSS vector that is executable within various injection contexts in its raw form.
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6 weeks ago by wck

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