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Alright, Twitter pulled the plug on its User Stream API on Thursday, which means @LinkArchiver is officially toast. I hope people found it useful! It archived over 7 million links. https://t.co/ifGQPKyyYn

— Parker Higgins (@xor) August 26, 2018
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12 weeks ago by mjtsai
XOR Hex Strings in Linux Shell Script - CodeProject
Super useful. Most other places (excel, matlab, etc) are limited to 32 or 64b
august 2017 by nmcbean
Building Mastodon to be frozen - parker higgins dot net
Mastodon developers can make some choices now that could help preserve those communities — if only in a “frozen” form — after they are no longer active. And if done right, it could open up new possibilities for persistent presentation of ephemeral communities.
internet  decentralization  mastodon  web  archiving  archive.org  history  yes  resilience  via:mastodon  xor 
may 2017 by npdoty
Parker Higgins on Twitter: "Lawsuit claims Bose collects and sells info about what users play through their headphones, which is bonkers if true https://t.co/6ZiFvstA8C https://t.co/NrAsiD6cih"
Lawsuit claims Bose collects and sells info about what users play through their headphones, which is bonkers if true https://t.co/6ZiFvstA8C pic.twitter.com/NrAsiD6cih

— Parker Higgins (@xor) April 19, 2017
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april 2017 by mjtsai
The Three Ways Of XOR
Despite its simplicity, there are quite interesting things to say about it (XOR), and this article presents three of them.
binary  xor  operator  boolean  BooleanAlgebra  blog  post  HoriaComan 
february 2017 by rafaeldff
The design of Chacha20
While Chacha20 is mainly used for encryption, its core is a pseudo-random number generator. The cipher text is obtained by XOR'ing the plain text with a pseudo-random stream:
chacha20  xor  block  cipher  stream 
january 2017 by FredericJacobs
pe_ham_brute.py — Bitbucket
Here's a Python script that uses Hamming distance to guess the XOR key size & ngrams to extract encoded PE files
python  encryption  xor  bruteforce  malware 
december 2016 by soviet

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