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Welcome – Prosody IM
Prosody is a Jabber/XMPP server written in Lua
jabber  xmpp 
6 days ago by huguei
GitHub - processone/ejabberd: Robust, Ubiquitous and Massively Scalable Messaging Platform (XMPP, MQTT, SIP Server)
stackoverflow: "one of the most well know erlang application and the one I learnt erlang with. I think it's the one of most interesting project for learning erlang because it is really building on erlang's strength. (However some will argue that it's not OTP, but don't worry there's still a trove of great code inside...)"
erlang  xmpp  repo:github  reference  piperesearch 
6 weeks ago by mechazoidal
> This module is terribly untested and will only work with Firefox as it’s missing payload encryption. Other vendors require it all the time. Public and private keys are also statically set in it.
prosody  xmpp  server  webPush  module  ricechat 
august 2019 by marek-saji
biboumi, XMPP gateway to IRC
Biboumi is a Free, Libre and Open Source XMPP gateway that connects to IRC servers and translates between the two protocols. Its goal is to let XMPP users take part in IRC discussions, using their favourite XMPP client.
It provides the following features:
xmpp  irc  gateway 
july 2019 by mwishek
ejabberd XMPP Server
ejabberd mobile reliability layer helps manage mobile network’s disconnection, message deliveries, consistent conversation on any online device, IoT, chat server, IM service, push notification and mobile interfaces.

Mobile network disconnections managed at XMPP server level, with contacts appearing online within the contact list. Thanks to rebind, mobile network disconnection is not managed as an end-user service disconnection
Push notifications via systems like Apple APNS or Google Notifications: if end user mobile app is not running in the foreground/background, an alert is sent each time a message is received via push feature
No message lost: for each message , the XMPP server checks the status of delivery with an acknowledgment provided by the mobile app
Carbon-copied messages: end user can read all his conversations on every device
erlang  xmpp  jabber  messaging  sip  voip  iot  pubsub  broker  chat  stun  turn  ejabberd  jabber-server  mqtt  brokers  server  sip-server 
july 2019 by mwishek
Tigase XMPP Server | Tigase.net
Tigase XMPP Server is our flagship server side software providing XMPP services or Instance Communication (IC) services. The most basic explanation is that Tigase is a chat server, but it is much more than just that. Chat is one of its possible applications but any kind of instant communication service, be it people or machines, can be conducted through the Tigase XMPP Server.
xmpp  server 
july 2019 by mwishek

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