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Movim – Communities – Hey tumblr users. Here is why Movim could be the best platform to migrate to!
Movim has been built to prevent this kind of restriction. Here's a few reasons why.

Movim is a Free Software
Movim has been and will always be a Free Software. This provides you with the freedom to adapt it, redistribute it and use it in any way you would like to. You are then free to add new features, change some behaviors or customize as you wish, for yourself or your community.

Movim is based on an Open Standard : XMPP
All the content that you are publishing on Movim: articles, private messages or chatroom messages, pictures… are published using your #XMPP account that is separate from Movim itself (like your emails are separated from your email client).
federation  tumbler  XMPP 
14 days ago by euler
XMPP Compliance Tester
"Picking the right extensions to implement or enable isn't always easy. For this reason the XSF has published XEP-0387 XMPP Compliance Suites 2018 listing the most important extensions to date. This app won't just help you to assess if your server supports those compliance profiles(and more), but also give you some instructions on how to implement the profiles which are currently not supported. "
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6 weeks ago by mechazoidal
Movim – Responsive web-based cross-platform XMPP client
All your communications,
in one place

Chatrooms, articles, video-conferences; Movim centralizes all you need to communicate with your colleagues, friends or family in one simple interface.

It also fully adapts to all your devices from your smartphone to your desktop computer.
Connect with others

Movim relies on the XMPP standard and therefore allows you to exchange with many other clients on all devices such as Conversations (Android) or Dino (Desktop).

You can easily access and explore the content of the whole network and connect with all other Movim users instantly.
network  opensource  privacy  social  xmpp  php 
10 weeks ago by awhite
Conversations: the very last word in instant messaging
An open source instant messaging client. Easy to use, reliable, battery friendly. With built-in support for e2e encryption, group chats and media transfer.
android  jabber  messenger  xmpp  app  software  IFTTT  IM  Pocket 
september 2018 by speckz
Welcome – Prosody IM
Prosody is a Jabber/XMPP server written in Lua
server  chat  im  jabber  xmpp  opensource  prosody  cloud  messaging  Software 
september 2018 by speckz

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