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javascript - Make Axios send cookies in its requests automatically - Stack Overflow
I had the same problem and fixed it by withCredential property.

XMLHttpRequest from a different domain cannot set cookie values for their own domain unless withCredentials is set to true before making the request.

axios.get('some api url', {withCredentials: true});
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If you are trying to connect to an Express app - you will need to use cors, and use...
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september 2019 by tulbox
What is Axios.js and why should I care? – Eric Kollegger – Medium
In a nutshell, Axios is a Javascript library used to make HTTP requests from node.js or XMLHttpRequests from the browser that also supports the ES6 Promise API. Great, so from that we gather it does something that we can already do and that has recently been made significantly better… So why bother?
Axios.js  Library  JavaScript  XMLHttpRequest  Medium  Article 
december 2018 by searchmeister
Promised based HTTP client for the browser
A well respected library for performing XMLHttpRequests and obeying the promise API.
Axios  browser  Library  JavaScript  XMLHttpRequest  promise  API 
december 2018 by searchmeister
Story of XMLHTTP » Alex Hopmann’s Blog
Which is the real explanation of where the name XMLHTTP comes from- the thing is mostly about HTTP and doesn’t have any specific tie to XML other than that was the easiest excuse for shipping it so I needed to cram XML into the name (plus- XML was the hot technology at the time and it seemed like some good marketing for the component).
xmlhttprequest  http  browser  history 
november 2016 by igrigorik

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