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Online XML Tools - Simple, free and easy to use XML utilities
World's simplest collection of useful XML utilities. Beautify XML, minify XML, escape XML, validate XML, convert to various other data formats, and more.
xml  tools 
2 days ago by rona25
Using Custom Tasks in MSBuild to modify XML Configuration Files on the Fly
This article shows you how to use MSBuild to build your project and how to create a custom task that will allow you to modify sections of your XML configuration files.
msbuild  xml  conifguration 
5 days ago by vegarev
How to use Google Sheets as a basic web scraper
How to use the IMPORT formulas in Google Sheets to build a basic web scraper and get data from websites into your Google Sheets, without any coding.
google  sheets  xml  importxml  scraper  webapp 
12 days ago by garyleatherman

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