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xkcd with the reality of statistical presentation
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2 days ago by nelson
Ausgleichungsrechnung bei xkcd – Mathlog
Geschenke und Geschenkideen, Ideen zum Staunen, Physikspielzeug vom Fliegenden Kreisel bis zu Einsteins trinkender Ente. Erlesenes Wissen und Wissen scheibchenweise: DVDs, Hörbücher und CD-ROMs!
xkcd  mathematics  functions  graphs 
3 days ago by kwbr
xkcd: Sandboxing Cycle
* "I wish these parts could communicate more easily."
* "Ooh, this new technology makes it easy to create arbitrary connections, integrating everything!"
* "Uh-oh, there are so many connections it's creating bugs and security holes!"
* "Ooh, this new technology makes it easy to enclose arbitrary things in secure sandboxes!"
software  architecture  security  xkcd 
6 days ago by eric.brechemier
I can attest that my entire Pure Mathematics degree consisted of this feeling
"1+1=2" Yeah - no shit, Sherlock. Why'd it take you ten pages to get to that?
mathematics  xkcd  funny  webcomic 
18 days ago by swampers

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