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Amazfit Pace - How to install apps on amazfit watch using adb
I found some really cool apps for amazfit. we know that amazfit has android as its core OS and so any app which is designed and developed for android wear can also be installed on amazfit.
amazfit-pace  xiaomi  adb  apps  trucos 
3 days ago by menosesmas
Amazfit Pace - How to enable applist on english version using adb
I found a method from which we can enable applist on amazfit english version and we can install third party app to Amazfit.
amazfit-pace  xiaomi  adb  hacking  trucos 
3 days ago by menosesmas
AP mode to connect Xiaomi 1080P smart IP camera to phone | GearBest Blog
As one of the Gearbest top 10 hot selling products, Xiaomi 1080P smart IP camera is quite popular among the personal purpose safety consideration consumers. Affordable price, practical features, user-friendly operation are the 3 main reasons why the Xiaomi 1080P smart IP camera becomes so welcomed. Though the setup of this camera is pretty easy, for some users, they get trouble in the connection procedure between the camera and smartphone. In fact, it has two connection ways - the AP mode and Remote mode. In this operation guide, we will show the users how to connect the Xiaomi 1080P smart IP camera to phone through AP mode in specific steps with every detail, to make sure you can do it yourself with ease. So, let's start.

Xiaomi  Xiaofang  camera  guide  OzBargain 
6 days ago by coffeebucket
Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Eyes 2018 Stock Market Listing — The Information
- interesting move given Xiaomi's challenges with other Chinese smartphone companies
xiaomi  business  analysis 
8 days ago by renaissancechambara
ShadowSocks, RedSocks2 and ChinaDNS on OpenWrt | Ri Xu Online
Ri Xu Online -- Weaving dreams · Achievements of the future
shadowsocks  router  xiaomi 
9 days ago by staram
Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 - TWRP y ROM traducida
Una de las cosas que resultan más complicadas para la mayoría de los usuarios de Xiaomi es instalar la ROM adecuada para nuestro dispositivo y que esté además traducida a nuestro idioma.

Además, muchos no saben reconocer que sistemas son “originales” y cuales han sido modificados por las tiendas con el consiguiente peligro de que lleven en su interior algún tipo de malware o simplemente apps que no sean necesarias para nosotros. Así que lo mejor es partir de cero...
xiaomi  miui  rom  mipad3  twrp 
22 days ago by menosesmas
Xiaomi Fastboot Update
Fastboot ROMs for Xiaomi devices
miui  xiaomi  rom  fastboot 
22 days ago by menosesmas
ROM Global For Mi PAD 3
Using Flashtool with Google Play 100% Working - Mi Pad 3 - Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum
xiaomi  rom  mipad3 
22 days ago by menosesmas
Original Xiaomi Yeelight 220V E27 Smart LED Bulb-$11.89 and Online Shopping | GearBest.com Mobile
Just US$11.89, buy Original Xiaomi Yeelight 220V E27 Smart LED Bulb online shopping at GearBest.com Mobile.
Automation  IoT  Xiaomi  Electronics 
4 weeks ago by LiquidChris

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