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Xiaomi presenteert Redmi Note 5 Pro met dubbele camera - Tablets en telefoons - Nieuws - Tweakers
Ik dacht dat er een logica achter zat. Elk toestel dat in Taiwan of in XXX regio wordt verkocht is een global version. Dus als een toestel daar gelanceerd wordt ben je zeker dat er een global version komt. Maar de vraag is dus gewoon of de Note 5 pro naar daar zal komen. Maar ik ben vrij zeker dat er een opvolger komt van de Redmi Note 4 Global aangezien dat toestel niet slecht lijkt te verkopen en er redelijk wat intresse lijkt te zijn in de nieuwe Redmi (note) 5 (plus/pro) toestellen. De vraag is alleen welk(e) toestel(len) dat wordt/worden.

Xiaomi is ook meer en meer aan het verkopen in Europa. Waar band 20 geen overbodige luxe is. Dus vanuit dat standpunt kunnen ze ineens een groot aantal global versions produceren om in Europa te verkopen. (Spanje, Griekenland, Polen, ... als ik het me goed herinner)
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9 days ago by dominomaster
RT : Top 5 Smartphone Vendors in 4Q2017:
1. 19.2%
2. 18.4%
3. 10.2%
4. 7%
Samsung  OPPO  Apple  Huawei  Xiaomi  from twitter
19 days ago by edelagrave
Xiaomi Mi 7, Mi 6X leaks
Two of Xiaomi’s handsets are expected to hit the market at MWC 2018 Barcelona, and renders have been leaked by Najiatech, a China-based tech company. While the Xiaomi Mi 6X is expected to be a follow-up to last year’s Mi 5X (branded as the Mi A1 in India), the Mi 7 is anticipated to be Xiaomi’s new...

The post Xiaomi Mi 7, Mi 6X leaks appeared first on .
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24 days ago by vrzone
Samsung refutes report of Xiaomi overtake, says still top Indian manufacturer ‘by a distance’ • SamMobile
"Adnan F":
<p>A spokesperson for Samsung has said that “As per the German research firm GfK, which tracks sales to end consumers, in the last (November) quarter, Samsung had a 45 percent value market share and 40 percent volume market share.”

This is an important distinction that the company is making here. It’s not going by reports of units shipped by market research firms and instead relying on numbers that indicate just how many handsets were actually sold to the end user. A unit can be shipped and stay on retailers’ shelves for months but that still doesn’t count as a sale for the company.

“Samsung is a full range player and leads the smartphone business across every segment of the India market in 2017. More importantly, Samsung is India’s ‘Most Trusted’ brand. We owe our undisputed leadership to the love and trust of millions of our consumers in India,” the spokesperson added.

Samsung India’s global vice president Asim Warsi also pointed out this distinction in a recent interview. “German research firm GfK reports final consumption which is the most important measure of market share,” adding that while shipment numbers are important, they don’t tell the final market share.</p>

So the suggestion is that Xiaomi is "stuffing the channel" - pushing handsets in which just sit on shelves waiting to be sold. Also, strictly, Samsung *rebutted* the reports; it isn't a refutation to say there are different ways to measure this stuff. Clearly its pride is wounded though.
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29 days ago by charlesarthur
Xiaomi beats Samsung to become top smartphone vendor in India • Canalys
<p>India’s smartphone market has finally seen a change at the top, with Xiaomi now leading with shipments close to 8.2m units in Q4 2017. Despite annual growth of 17%, Samsung failed to maintain its lead, shipping just over 7.3m smartphones to take second place. The smartphone market in India grew by a modest 6% overall, in line with Canalys forecasts, following the seasonal dip as vendors and channel partners take stock after a busy Q3. Vivo, Oppo and Lenovo rounded out the top five, while total smartphone shipments were just shy of 30m units.

<img src="https://www.canalys.com/static/xcapturepr.JPG" width="100%" /></p>

This seems like a worrying development for Samsung. Look how Xiaomi has grown there, too.
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4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Amazfit Pace Review: Solid at a Budget Price
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4 weeks ago by rukku
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Review: A Month Later
Xiaomi had surprised the world with the original Mi Mix, which was one of the first phones that featured now-pervasive impossibly slim bezels. Even as one of the pioneers of this trend, Xiaomi had managed to do without the still-noticeable ‘forehead’ that features prominently on today’s equivalent flagships like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, LG’s...

The post Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Review: A Month Later appeared first on .
Xiaomi  Mi  Mix  2  Review:  A  Month  Later 
4 weeks ago by vrzone
Ho, ho, ho, Xiaomi • Bloomberg Gadfly
Tim Culpan:
<p>Xiaomi Corp. is set to pull in revenue of $17bn to $18bn this year, ahead of its own target, Reuters reported Friday, citing the company's comments to bankers.That's impressive, but believable. Xiaomi has had a great year.

Stretching the credibility scale, though, are estimates that net income could hit $1bn. They're banker projections, Reuters notes, not necessarily Xiaomi's. The company later confirmed to Bloomberg News that revenue topped $15bn within the first 10 months of 2017, without commenting on earnings.If those profit numbers are true, it would mean the smartphone and device maker will deliver a net income margin of as much as 5.9%. That's astounding. An operating margin of 5.9% would be pretty incredible, but a net margin that high would have Xiaomi well ahead of almost everyone in the market - up with Samsung Electronics Co. and Huawei Technologies Co.

Suffice to say, Xiaomi is no Samsung. But bankers desperately want in on Xiaomi's expected IPO, and talking up the company is a good way to endear themselves. Remember when that real estate agent told you your rundown two bedder was a treasure and guaranteed to fetch a good price? Yeah, it's like that.

Reuters reports that bankers see Xiaomi's earnings doubling to $2bn next year. To get there, Xiaomi would need to dramatically boost revenue and widen margins. That's hard to do simultaneously, especially in a weakening devices market. But such lofty estimates are helping these bankers talk up a $100bn share sale, when just two weeks ago the chatter was around a $50bn listing.</p>

Buying Xiaomi shares would be a sucker move. You can't honestly believe that it's going to make $100bn in its lifetime.
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5 weeks ago by charlesarthur

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