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Structured Data Testing Tool
About the last Google tool I still use.
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april 2018 by rubenerd
Sending XHTML as text/html Considered Harmful
A number of problems resulting from the use of the text/html MIME type
in conjunction with XHTML content are discussed. It is suggested that
XHTML delivered as text/html is broken and XHTML delivered as text/xml
is risky, so authors intending their work for public consumption
should stick to HTML 4.01, and authors who wish to use XHTML should
deliver their markup as application/xhtml+xml.
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september 2017 by nxg
Confluence Storage Format - Atlassian Documentation
This page describes the XHTML-based format that Confluence uses to store the content of pages, page templates, blueprints, blog posts and comments. This information is intended for advanced users who need to interpret and edit the underlying markup of a Confluence page.

We refer to the Confluence storage format as 'XHTML-based'. To be correct, we should call it XML, because the Confluence storage format does not comply with the XHTML definition. In particular, Confluence includes custom elements for macros and more. We're using the term 'XHTML-based' to indicate that there is a large proportion of HTML in the storage format.
Atlassian  Confluence  documentation  source  XHTML  editor 
may 2017 by coffeebucket
How Did We Get Here? - Dive Into HTML5
Interesting story about XHTML, HTML and HTML5
april 2017 by thotw

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