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Unveiling Mathematics behind XGBoost – Ajit Samudrala – Medium
This article is targeted at people who found it difficult to grasp the original paper. Follow me till the end, and I assure you will atleast get a sense of what is happening underneath the…
machine_learning  ensembles  xgboost 
8 weeks ago by mac
Machine learning in Clojure with XGBoost » rDisorder
Learn to do machine learning with Clojure and XGBoost, and go from experimentation to production effortlessly with clj-boost
clojure  machine_learning  xgboost 
8 weeks ago by mac
Parallel Gradient Boosting Decision Trees
xgBoost or GBDT is a sequencial algorithm which cannot parallelized; what we can parallelize is the tree building steps.
xgboost  gbdt  parallel  sequence  performance  boosting 
october 2018 by peng.zhang
Using ANNs on small data – Deep Learning vs. Xgboost
print 'Accuracy: {0:.3f}'.format(accuracy_score(y_test, y_test_preds))
keras  deep-learning  python  machine-learning  neuralnetworks  xgboost 
august 2018 by tranqy

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