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Installed XCFE4 and i need some help on getting the most out of it : chromeos
r/chromeos: Discussions related to Chromebooks and everything else Chrome OS.
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27 days ago by hmhxxx
BackBox Linux is a penetration testing and security assessment oriented Linux distribution providing a network and systems analysis toolkit. It includes some of the most commonly known/used security and analysis tools, aiming for a wide spread of goals, ranging from web application analysis to network analysis, stress tests, sniffing, vulnerability assessment, computer forensic analysis, automotive and exploitation. It has been built on Ubuntu core system yet fully customized, designed to be one of the best Penetration testing and security distribution and more.
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9 weeks ago by xcession
How to disable the touchpad? - Ask Ubuntu
Q: I want my touchpad to be disabled when I use my mouse. How can I do that? touchpad-indicator has stopped working on 11.10. It used to work on 11.04. Gnome3 is not a solution as I don't like it and find it buggy.
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july 2019 by ezequiel
Xfce4 Desktop getting stuck (not responding) / Desktop / Xfce Forums
The Xfce4 desktop is not responding all of a sudden. This is happening every day. The keyboard, mouse both are getting stuck. Neither does the mouse pointer moves nor does the keyboard work. [...]
xfce  xubuntu  mint  linux  desktop  issue  workaround  forumthread  2016  tips  cli  sysadmin  xorg 
june 2019 by ezequiel
auto-suspend can't be disabled when GDM is active (#22) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-control-center · GitLab
With GNOME 3.28, system automatically suspends after 20 minutes. That can be adjusted/disabled in system settings - however, it only applies to that particular user session. When GDM is the active screen, the system still suspends after 20 minutes, and there's no way to configure that. That affects e.g. the following use cases: [...]
gnome  gnome3  configuration  powermanagement  issue  workaround  forumthread  linux  xfce  fedora  2018  desktop 
may 2019 by ezequiel

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