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A fully supported solution on a great hardware platform for development. If you plan to develop an e…
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10 weeks ago by vielmetti
XCP-ng | Building XenServer from the sources
What is XCP-ng?

XCP (Xen Cloud Platform) was the free/libre equivalent of XenServer before this last one was open sourced. It was logically shutdown then.

But since XenServer 7.3 removed a lot of free features, we need a community solution again: XCP-ng is now the logical successor.
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january 2018 by euler
Remus provides transparent, comprehensive high availability to ordinary virtual machines running on the Xen virtual machine monitor. It does this by maintaining a completely up-to-date copy of a running VM on a backup server, which automatically activates if the primary server fails.
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january 2018 by dusko
AWS EC2 Virtualization 2017: Introducing Nitro
Hardware virtualization for cloud computing has come a long way, improving performance using technologies such as VT-x, SR-IOV, VT-d, NVMe, and APICv. At Netflix, we've been using these technologies as they've been made available for instance types in the AWS EC2 cloud. The latest AWS hypervisor, Nitro, uses everything to provide a new hardware-assisted hypervisor that is easy to use and has near bare-metal performance. It's an exciting development in cloud computing: hardware virtualization is now fast.

I've summarized hypervisor developments in EC2 with the above diagram. The columns show dimensions of instance performance, ordered in importance for typical workloads at Netflix (CPU-bound being the most important). The rows of this table are virtualization types, and the cells show the type of virtualization and are colored by the expected performance.

You may first notice that, over time, green is creeping in from the left. That's deliberate engineering: optimizing the most important workloads first. Each dimension has progressed through these stages:
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january 2018 by euler
What is XCP-ng? | XCP-ng
Building XenServer from the sources
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january 2018 by jrisch
GopherCon 2016: Bernerd Schaefer - Go Without the Operating System - YouTube
An interesting idea to get start-up time to the minimum in cloud deployment (no os in container?)
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december 2017 by paunit
Unikraft: Unleashing the Power of Unikernels | Xen Project Blog
The result of that thought process is Unikraft. Unikraft decomposes operating systems into elementary pieces called libraries (e.g., schedulers, memory allocators, drivers, filesystems, network stacks, etc.) that users can then pick and choose from, using a menu to quickly build images tailored to the needs of specific applications. In greater detail, Unikraft consists of two basic components (see Figure 1):
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december 2017 by euler
Xen Project 4.10 Acknowledgements - Xen
Thanks everybody that contributed to making Xen 4.10 a great release!
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december 2017 by vielmetti
Systems and Machine Learning · GitHub
GitHub is where people build software. More than 26 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 73 million projects.
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december 2017 by gilberto5757

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