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15 Time Saving Shortcuts for Adobe XD
From working with text on paths and understanding layout grids, to learning about publishing options and masking; we’ll cover all these shortcuts and more.
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6 weeks ago by josephaleo
Sample Data for AdobeXD Repeat Grid
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7 weeks ago by mycotn
2017年良くあるAdobe XD勘違い – Risa Yuguchi – Medium
Adobe XDは、「軽い、早い、簡単」がウリ。学習コストが低く誰もが使いこなせるXDだからこそ日本でよく見かけるXD機能の勘違い2017年版をお届けします。
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8 weeks ago by unknownlabel
"The College of Extraordinary Experiences was one of the most unique and memorable events I've ever participate…
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november 2017 by BogieZero
Top resources on XDGuru
Adobe XD Tutorials, UI kits and Freebies
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october 2017 by iorbita

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