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Adobe XD — 30 Tips & Tricks you wish you’d known earlier!
Adobe Experience Design is a great app for UI/UX Designers — among all other features, it gives you the opportunity to both design and prototype interactions and transitions between artboards. Here’s a list of my personal favourite tips & tricks that’ll let you leverage the XD potential.
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5 days ago by josephaleo
Reimagining "Terminator 2's" Iconic User Interfaces Through the Power of Adobe XD | Adobe Blog
“With the intention of showcasing the power of Adobe XD and demonstrating the potential of UX design beyond app and website design, Adobe partnered with Territory to reimagine two iconic stills from “Terminator 2” using Adobe XD. The results were eye-opening for Territory and Adobe alike, revealing a new realm of potential for designers working in film UX while inspiring new functionalities for XD’s community.”
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11 days ago by danhon
May 2018 Update of Adobe XD | Adobe Blog
About 18 months ago was working on a project that was using XD in its pre-release stage and it was rather good (a lot of rough edges and some basic things hadn't been built yet, but still really nice) and work that followed used other platforms. This pricing may have be go back and play around as it seemed like it was on a really good trajectory as a quality product.
adobe  xd  prototyping  KhoiVinh 
8 weeks ago by vanderwal
xd-hackathon-docs/index.md at master · pflynn/xd-hackathon-docs
Documentation! The updated docs as of 5/1/2018
xd  documentation  rtfm 
11 weeks ago by erinfinnegan

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