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Learn iOS App Development in 28 Days (For Free)
Build an iOS App with a Full Course after this.
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yesterday by akiraman
Kotoba/README.md at master · willhains/Kotoba · GitHub
Quickly search the built-in iOS dictionary to see definitions of words. Collect words you want to remember.
opensource  xcode  diccionario  dictionary  app  ios 
3 days ago by qiqetin
iOS Build Environment for Windows by Pierre-Marie Baty
So this purports to be a toolchain for corss-compiling IOS apps from Windows. No emulator tho.
programming  ios  windows  xcode 
5 days ago by chrchr
Using iOS 12.2 devices with Xcode 10.1
Using iOS 12.2 devices with Xcode 10.1. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
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10 days ago by acrookston

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