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Intel Intrinsics Guide
interactive lookup of x86 / x86-64 intrinsics. Y'know, for those microscopic amount of situations you'd actually use them.
intel  x86  x86-64  assembly  reference 
12 days ago by mechazoidal
x86-64 Assembly reference
a (old) list of major ways that assembly varies between x86 and x86-64(AMD64)
archived  assembly  x86  x86-64  reference  programming 
12 days ago by mechazoidal
Two little nuggets about NOP instruction | tabs ↹ over ␣ ␣ ␣ spaces by Jiří {x2} Činčura
"I’m researching some spin locks stuff last few days. That led to checking also NOP instruction and I’ve found two interesting little nuggets."
x86  assembly 
18 days ago by mechazoidal
Mirror of: Into the Void: x86 Instruction Set Reference
x86 assembly tutorials, x86 opcode reference, programming, pastebin with syntax highlighting
x86  assembly  reference 
21 days ago by silentbicycle
x86 and amd64 instruction reference
"THIS REFERENCE IS NOT PERFECT. It's been mechanically separated into distinct files by a dumb script. It may be enough to replace the official documentation on your weekend reverse engineering project, but for anything where money is at stake, go get the official and freely available documentation. "
x86  reference  assembly  programming  amd64 
4 weeks ago by mechazoidal
INTEL-SA-00145: Lazy FP
"System software may utilize the Lazy FP state restore technique to delay the restoring of state until an instruction operating on that state is actually executed by the new process. S 2018ystems using Intel® Core-based microprocessors may potentially allow a local process to infer data utilizing Lazy FP state restore from another process through a speculative execution side channel."
fpu  spectre  intel  x86  security  vulnerability 
5 weeks ago by mechazoidal
'CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src' - MARC
pmz: note how they're using the fpu, possibly might be a fix to the inferno x86 fpu usage
openbsd  security  osdev  x86  pmz 
5 weeks ago by mechazoidal

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