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Enigma - Yahtzee - X-Men: First Class (2011) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
Written for the following prompt: Erik dies, or finds a reversey-time mutant, or a magical time travelling device, and wakes up in the past. This time, though, it's before he ever met Charles - in fact, it's before his mother died.


He can save his mother that one time (thanks to his mastery over powers carrying back), but what does Erik do after that? Does he stick around, or escape and run to find Charles again (and hope everything doesn't go wrong)?
fic  x-men  cherik  pg13  trope:fix-it  trope:time-travel  ***** 
yesterday by akaelissa
My Name is Max by Gerec
Max Xavier, 7 year old telepath and genius, attempts to make his Daddy feel better by bringing his Father and Aunt Raven home.
x-men  Erik/Charles  mpreg  Reconciliation  Post_Beach_Divorce  AU 
12 days ago by allhoneyboo
Logan is present in Siberia when the fight breaks out. He sees everything and has one thought.

This dickhead needs his ass kicked.
Author:TheSovereigntyofReality  TheAvengers  X-Men  Gen  fanfic  Friendship  Drama  TeamIronMan  Pro-Accords  AlternateUniverse-CanonDivergence  Length:10.000-20.000  MultiChapter 
23 days ago by Ambrosine8
A Matter of Convenience by dedkake, luna2k
Erik manages the small store his late parents left behind and his days bleed together in a tiresome monotony until he touches the hand of loyal customer Charles Xavier. They tip-toe around each other as they struggle with mutant rights and the resurgence of gang violence in the neighborhood.
x-men  Erik/Charles  AU  modern  tattoo  descrimination 
5 weeks ago by allhoneyboo
Bifurcation by AlchemyAlice [Archive of Our Own]
Raven knows pretty much everything about Charles. She knows how much milk he likes in his tea, what shops in Oxford he buys his clothes from, and which possessions he would run back into his flat to save if it were burning down. She knows about his fear of spiders, and his guilty impatience with uncouth behavior. She knows that he can be unbearably pompous, and unbearably kind.

She also, for better or worse, knows about Wesley.
crossover  9k+  2018-02  a.AlchemyAlice  charles/erik  Wanted  X-Men 
6 weeks ago by pastself
And the whirlwind - gwyneth rhys (gwyneth) - Logan (2017) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
It doesn’t really surprise her that she hears Logan in her head—she thinks it should, yet somehow it doesn’t.

A gorgeous achy Logan coda. Oh my heart.
logan  x-men 
7 weeks ago by norwich36
'Tis the Season by ikeracity
Ten years ago, Charles and Erik were bitter enemies in college. Now Erik runs a mutant community center, and Charles is a successful physician. When the community center launches a volunteer-run free clinic focused on mutant health, their paths cross once again. Old wounds are reopened, and old grudges spring back to life. But will old feelings reignite as well?
x-men  Erik/Charles  AU  Misunderstanding  ikeracity  30k 
7 weeks ago by allhoneyboo
Chasing After You by Alaceron [Archive of Our Own]
Charles isn't very good at tag. Erik helps.
Part 2 of the Wee!Verse series
a.alaceron  charles/erik  X-Men  1k+  2018-01  *  kid-fic 
8 weeks ago by pastself
Five Nights In Nuremberg by FuryRed
When Charles escapes from the mutant prison he has been held in for the last two years he knows that he’s going to need help to avoid being recaptured.

What he doesn’t expect is that help will come in the form of a mysterious German man who rescues Charles and takes him to his home; a handsome stranger who, frustratingly, doesn’t speak a single word of English…
Charles/Erik  X-Men 
12 weeks ago by disinclined
Never Again: Decima Chapter 1: Arrival, a x-men: the movie fanfic | FanFiction
130,000. The ancient struggle between the chains of the old world and the unadulterated free will of the new has come to rise, and the reluctant Elsa Muller finds herself stuck right in the middle. Death and betrayal sees her old life completely destroyed, and an entirely new one is written into her flesh, irrevocably intertwining her path with both friends and enemies alike.
ocfic  Unread  <200000  X-Men  alex/ofc 
12 weeks ago by kalika89
Your Baby is My Supermagnet (My Baby is Your Drug) - Unforgotten - X-Men: First Class (2011) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
50,000. After Cuba, Erik and Charles are BOTH pregnant. Months later, the babies manifest in utero, making pregnancy that much more awkward for Charles - but dangerous for Erik.
X-Men  Unread  <50000  Charles/Erik 
december 2017 by kalika89
The Weight of Water - pprfaith - X-Men: First Class (2011) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
51,000. Raven, Charles, and Erik over the span of twenty years. Because the whole is always more than the sum of its parts and together they could rule the world. OT3 AU of the movie.
X-Men  Unread  <50000  Charles/Erik/Raven 
december 2017 by kalika89
Limited Release - rageprufrock - X-Men: First Class (2011) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
64,000. When Alex Summers broke out of supermax to rescue his stupid kid brother, he had no idea it was going to be so fucking complicated.
X-Men  Unread  <100000  Alex/Hank 
december 2017 by kalika89

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