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Universities can help preserve the web
> It struck me that this is a service that the alumni associations of the two universities I attended could provide, for a fee of course. Universities tend to be long-lived, and they are places where historians work, so they can hopefully be trusted not to modify the contents of the sites.

Interesting idea from Dave Winer. I guess this would be something I might be interested in.
13 days ago by tgray
Getting started with the Web - Learn web development | MDN
Getting started with the Web is a concise series introducing you to the practicalities of web development. You'll set up the tools you need to construct a simple webpage and publish your own simple code.
how-to  write  www  page  webpage  code  css  wpd 
21 days ago by gdw
A list of cool Chrome DevTools Tips and Tricks
The Chrome DevTools provide an amazing set of tools to help you develop on the Web platform. Here are a few tips you might not know yet
css  programming  www 
6 weeks ago by nfultz
RSS Readers Are Due for a Comeback: Feedly, The Old Reader, Inoreader | WIRED
After years of letting algorithms make up our minds for us, the time is right to go back to basics.
rss  aaron  web  www  internet  freeweb  semantic  wired 
7 weeks ago by parabola

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