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Ada Lovelace Day: a reminder of the importance of digital inclusion – World Wide Web Foundation
Ada Lovelace Day, named after the world’s first computer programmer, celebrates the achievements of women in STEM. Despite the formidable legacy that women like Ada have left on ICTs, two full centuries later, women still face significant social, political and economic barriers to using and benefiting from technology, as illustrated by the well-documented digital gender gap. Our Women’s Rights Online programme works with civil society organisations in low- and middle-income countries to address the digital gender gap and ensure that women have equal opportunities to lead the development of ICTs.
Our partners in Nigeria (Paradigm Initiative) and Uganda (WOUGNET) work at a local level to enable women and girls to access technology and overcome online and offline inequalities. What sort of participation challenges do women face, and what methods have the projects used to overcome them?
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Web Foundation CEO and inventor of the web visit Washington to talk net neutrality – World Wide Web Foundation
This week, our founder and web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and our president and CEO, Adrian Lovett, visited Washington DC to advocate for the preservation of enforceable net neutrality rules.
The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) launched a public consultation earlier this year, and intends to undo current net neutrality rules. Net neutrality is the principle that all internet content must be treated equally without discrimination – political or economic – and the Web Foundation believes that the current net neutrality rules are essential to keeping the web free and open for everyone.
During the visit, Sir Tim and Mr Lovett met with the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, as well as Senator John Thune (R-South Dakota), Senator Ed Markey (D-Massachusetts), Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kansas), Senator Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi).
internet  www  politics  gov2.0  net_neutrality  congress  fcc 
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Security.txt Standard Proposed, Similar to Robots.txt
Ed Foudil, a web developer and security researcher, has submitted a draft to the IETF — Internet Engineering Task Force — seeking the standardization of security.txt, a file that webmasters can host on their domain root and describe the site's security policies.
The file is akin to robots.txt, a standard used by websites to communicate and define policies for web and search engine crawlers.
Security.txt is for security-related problems
The distinction between security.txt and robots.txt is that security.txt will be used to communicate a company's security practices only, and is likely to be read by humans, rather than automated scanners.
For example, if a security researcher finds a security vulnerability on a website, he can access the site's security.txt file for information on how to contact the company and securely report the issue.
According to the current IETF draft, website owners would be able to create security.txt files that look like this:
#This is a comment
Contact: security@example.com
Contact: +1-201-555-0123
Contact: https://example.com/security
Encryption: https://example.com/pgp-key.txt
Acknowledgement: https://example.com/acknowledgements.html
Disclosure: Full
security  standards  web-dev  www 
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Why it’s time to prioritise digital literacy – World Wide Web Foundation
When we think of literacy, we usually think of the ability to read the words in a book, or to write something down. Despite our increasingly digital world, it is less common for us to think about digital literacy — the skills and capabilities needed to participate fully, effectively and equally in our digital world.
International Literacy Day is being celebrated today (8 September) under the theme of ‘literacy in a digital world’. This theme recognises the vital nature of not just the ability to read and write, but also the ability to use digital technologies. It further focuses on the role of information and communication technologies (ICT) in reducing global inequalities and improving education, health, job opportunities, and empowerment prospects around the world.
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