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Women of World War II Videos – Women of World War II
News reels, documentaries, and recruiting films offer a close-up look into the daily lives of the women who served their country during World War II. These short videos take us back in time to a turning point for women in the U.S., when finally their contributions outside the home were not only welcome but sought after.
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Coast Guard SPARS of World War II – Women of World War II
The Women’s Reserve of the Coast Guard (SPARS) was created on Nov. 23, 1942 “to expedite the war effort by providing for releasing officers and men for duty at sea and their replacement by women in the shore establishment of the Coast Guard”. Women were not to serve outside the continental United States, and no woman, officer or enlisted, could issue orders to any male serviceman. The first 153 enlisted SPARs and 15 SPAR officers were former WAVES who agreed to be discharged from the Navy and join the Coast Guard.
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Women Marines of World War II – Women of World War II
On July 30, 1942, the Marine Corps Womens Reserve was established as part of the Marine Corps Reserve. The mission of the Marine Corps Womens Reserve was to provide qualified women for duty at shore establishments of the Marine Corps, releasing men for combat duty. Women Marines were assigned to over 200 different jobs, among them radio operator, photographer, parachute rigger, driver, aerial gunnery instructor, cook, baker, quartermaster, control tower operator, motion picture operator, auto mechanic, telegraph operator, cryptographer, laundry operator, post exchange (store) manager, stenographer and agriculturist.
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Army WACs of World War II – Women of World War II
Over 150,000 American women served in the Women’s Army Corps (WAC) during World War II, filling a multitude of noncombatant positions throughout the service including air controllers, mechanics, postal clerks, switchboard operators, sheet metal workers, weather forecasters, and more. Originally established as the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) in 1942, it was converted to the WAC just a year later, and its members became a part of the regular army. WACs received the same rank insignia and pay as male soldiers, and unlike their counterparts in the Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps, WACs could be stationed anywhere, including behind the lines in the battlefield.
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Navy WAVES of World War II – Women of World War II
The WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) program was created in July 1942 in response to the need for additional military personnel during World War II. From the very beginning, the WAVES were an official part of the Navy, and its members held the same rank and ratings as male personnel. They also received the same pay and were subject to military discipline. WAVES could not serve aboard combat ships or aircraft, and initially were restricted to duty in the continental United States. Late in World War II, WAVES were authorized to serve in certain overseas U.S. possessions, and a number were sent to Hawaii. At the end of WWII, there were well over 8,000 female officers and some ten times that many enlisted WAVES, about 2-1/2 percent of the Navy’s total strength. In some places WAVES constituted a majority of the uniformed Naval personnel. And many remained in uniform to help get the Navy into, and through, the post-war era.
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1940's WW2 Nurse Uniform Fashions | Glamour Daze
It was the era of World War, the fight to defeat fascism across the world. Equality in the forces had a long way to go ( with the notable exception of the Soviet Armies and air forces). Women were not allowed to join direct combat, there were many roles filled by women. Here we examine the uniforms worn by women serving in the various 1940s nursing units during World War Two.
The Navy Nurse Corp Uniform NNC
Like their WAVES or SPAR counterparts, women who served as nurses in the US Navy turned heads wherever they went.
The winter dress uniform in Navy blue was a more feminine version of the male uniform, consisting of a double breasted navy blue jacket closed with six gold buttons, and A lined skirt, white shirt and black tie. Black stockings worn with black oxfords. Gloves were grey or white. The high wide brimmed hat was navy blue for winter.
The summer dress uniform was white single breasted jacket and matching A lined skirt, white stockings and white oxfords. The jacket had a more feminine count of just three gold buttons. Both seasons came with various options to combine depending on rank or station.
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The Nazi War on Cancer
> The Danzig surgeon Erwin Liek (1878-1935) was one of the more vocal heralds of the Nazi approach to cancer. Liek is a complex and fascinating person whom we shall reencounter in our discussion of Nazi food fashions (see chapter 5). He is widely reviled today as the "father of Nazi medicine"; yet he was also a cosmopolitan world traveler who managed to publish kind words of praise for Freud as late as 1934. In his thirty-year professional career he produced writings on a broad range of topics—including a stirring attack on overzealous human experimentation—but he was best known for his critique of the "spiritual crisis" of modern medicine, medicine enervated by specialization, bureaucratization, and scientization, warped by greed and myopia but also by its failure to appreciate the natural capacity of the body to heal itself. Liek was a hands-on practitioner but also something of a romantic, yearning after simpler times when science was not the be-all and end-all of medicine, when the doctor-patient relationship was (purportedly) intimate and sacred. As founding editor of Hippokrates, a magazine of general health interest with strong ties to homeopathy and the natural foods movement, he helped to usher in a broader and more holistic medicine of the sort embraced by many Nazi leaders—medical men like Kurt Klare, Karl Kötschau, Walter Schultze, and Ernst Günther Schenck, but also high-placed politicos like Heinrich Himmler, Julius Streicher, Rudolf Hess, and even Hitler himself.
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WAC becomes editor and poster girl for Army during WW II | War Tales
When Winifred Leiser joined the Women’s Army Corps during the early part of World War II, it never occurred to her that by the war’s end, she would have become a poster girl for the corps.
For the corps, originally known as the Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps, Leiser appeared in scores of newspapers and magazines across the country in her Army dress uniform smiling radiantly.
“My father was dead, and my mother wasn’t going in the military. Our family had always had someone in the service from the time of the American Revolutionary War,” the diminutive Englewood, Fla. resident explained. “I felt it was my duty to go in the military.”
The Women’s Army Corps, called the WACS, were so new when she signed up that the Army had no women’s uniforms.
“At basic in Des Moines, Iowa, we drilled in men’s long overcoats that dragged in the mud,” Leiser said. “Our company commander had to buy her own clothes because she was an officer. She had exquisitely tailored uniforms. But she wore the same drab man’s overcoat we were issued.
“The Army didn’t know what to do with us. We were supposed to replace a man who had been doing clerical functions so he could be sent to the front lines,” she said. “After basic we were sent to Charleston, S.C., to be aircraft spotters. Volunteers were used as aircraft spotters and they were doing a beautiful job. When we marched in and replaced them, the volunteers didn’t like it.
“It was a typical Army SNAFU — ‘Situation Normal, All Fouled Up!'”
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(14) Luvvie Ajayi & Betty Reid Soskin | 2018 MAKERS Conference
96-year-old Park Ranger Betty Reid Soskin interviewed by Awesomely Luvvie, author, speaker, and digital strategist, about her incredible life of service.
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Doesn't take much to get me down a history rabbit hole. But thx to spent some time exploring prison…
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BBC - History - British History in depth: The Wasting of Britain's Marshall Aid
The sad irony is that it had been in vain that the Labour Government had sacrificed the modernisation of Britain as an industrial country for the sake of using Marshall Aid to support a world power role - strategic and financial.
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Green for Danger (film) - Wikipedia
Alastair Sim detective solving an O.R. murder, noirish overtones.. delightful
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