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The Nazis Exploited Sherman’s March to the Sea | War Is Boring
Nazi propaganda magazine Signal attempted to stiffen resistance (and encourage recruitment to the Waffen SS among non-Germans) to the forthcoming Allied invasion by invoking Sherman's March to the Sea as characteristic of American warmaking.

Also has a brief discussion of how Sherman's reputation in the South was general positive/respectful in the decade or two immediately after the Civil War; writing by Jefferson Davis and the rise of the Lost Cause ideology changed this.
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yesterday by PeterErwin
RT : The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943 was the largest Jewish military revolt during & the first urban insurgency…
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2 days ago by codepo8
Cromwell tank - Wikipedia
At least one case is known of vehicle commanders using the vehicles fast speed to jump large gaps. In Holland, a troop of three Cromwells was able to leap a 20 ft wide canal when surprised by enemy forces > why did I not know about this?
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5 days ago by yorksranter
The Bf109 G-AWHK Buchon Hispano HA-112 MIL Landing at Flying Legends 2017.
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10 days ago by someguy
Adam Tooze on Twitter: "This simple USSBS graph about where the Luftwaffe stationed its fighters is quite revealing. As of 1942 1/2 are in the West. By 1944 3/4 are. https://t.co/DQBphqBV7N https://t.co/aUDdWGKMX2"
This is seriously interesting. As well as Tooze's point about the redeployment of the Lw fighter force to the West, look at the breakdown between air defence and tactical. In June 1944 there were say 600 a/c assigned to air defence, 900 assigned to tac-air in the West, 500 to tac-air in the East. Similarly, Torch caused the Germans to double their fighter force in the Med and lose basically all of it.
As well as the fight for air superiority enabling the amphibious campaign, the amphibious campaign helped to win the fight for air superiority, and also drew a lot of German air away from the East - and in bigger scale than the bomber offensive.
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12 days ago by yorksranter

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