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United States tells WTO of concerns over China's new web access rules
On Friday, the U.S. told the World Trade Organization (WTO) that China's new VPN restrictions will disrupt cross-barrier trade and warrant discussion by the global economic arbiter, Reuters reports: "'The United States urges China to address these concerns quickly and pursue new policies that promote rather than disrupt cross-border transfers of information and trade in services,' [the U.S.] said in a statement to the WTO’s Services Council. In January 2017, China published a circular on 'Cleaning up and Regulating the Internet Access Service Market', which seemed to put new restrictions on virtual private networks (VPNs) and leased lines, it said...The circular would expressly ban VPNs or leased lines from connecting data centers inside and outside China, the U.S. statement said...“Since this measure is due to enter into force by 31 March 2018, we request that China expeditiously respond to these questions and concerns,” the United States said."
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22 days ago by dmcdev
US says China WTO membership was a mistake
The Trump administration has said that allowing China to join the World Trade Organization was a mistake and accused Beijing of moving further away from becoming a market economy.
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8 weeks ago by yorksranter
Wer will Fleisch aus Südamerika? | Schweiz - bernerzeitung.ch
Südamerika will mehr Fleisch nach Europa liefern. Noch sind Schweizer Bauern vor dieser Konkurrenz gut geschützt, doch eine Änderung steht zur Debatte. Diese wäre schwierig für die Bauern, hätte aber Vorteile für die Konsumenten.
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12 weeks ago by Einfach_Essen
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Attac Norwegen Obmann wird seit Stunden am Flughafen festgehalten. So macht die
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december 2017 by martinderm
How Threat Modeling Helps Discover Security Vulnerabilities - Red Hat Customer Portal
Threat modeling can be drilled down to three steps: characterizing the software, identifying assets and access points, and identifying threats.
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november 2017 by jchris
Who actually trades solely under WTO rules? – James Hardy – Medium
Mauritania is the largest economy which trades soley under WTO rules
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october 2017 by ebel
The Guardian view on WTO rules: not a Brexit safety net | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
The Tory free-trade fundamentalists are wrong: the UK has more clout in the world as part of Team Europe
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october 2017 by asterisk2a

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