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If Economy Sours, Democrats Will Face a Tough Choice - WSJ
Which Democratic candidate would benefit more from a recession: a moderate such as Joe Biden, or a candidate offering sharp changes like Sen. Elizabeth Warren? Primary and general-election voters may disagree, Gerald F. Seib writes. via Pocket
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The ‘Overqualified’ Trap Can Hit You at Any Time - WSJ
The managers were more likely to make an offer to the candidate with the less impressive record, according to a study published in March and co-led by Dr. Hahl, Roman Galperin, an associate professor of management at Johns Hopkins University, and Adina Sterling, an associate professor of organizational behavior at Stanford University. The managers assumed the candidate with the stellar résumé wouldn’t be as committed to the company or stick with the job as long as the other applicant, the researchers found.

The hiring managers also assumed the star candidate wouldn’t be as motivated to do well, the study showed. And bosses might feel threatened by him, fearing he wouldn’t listen to them or might even take their job, Dr. Hahl says.

An Ivy League degree can confer major career advantages, and some firms prefer to hire only grads from schools they consider blue-chip. But other employers have a surprising bias against candidates from elite schools. “Some managers want applicants who went to a second-tier M.B.A. program, worked while they were in school, got straight As and were scrappy,” says executive coach Julie Kantor in New York. “For them, it’s about looking under the hood.”


Lorraine Vargas Townsend held senior human-resources leadership posts at several companies ranging from 5,000 to 150,000 employees before deciding last year to take some time off with her wife and baby. A recruiter soon approached her about an opening at a 600-employee company, saying, “I have this job, but it’s too small for you,” Ms. Townsend says.

She was excited about the opening, however—a senior position at a Boston-based tech company. The company provides a platform for building the kind of apps Ms. Townsend wished she’d had on previous jobs, to automate basic human-resources tasks, and she was eager to help identify needs its technology could meet. She soon signed on as chief people officer and loves the work.

“You have to have a compelling reason why the needs of this business and this job are right for you, and about what you can bring to the role,” she says.
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‘Cold Case Hammarskjöld’ Review: Tangling a Mystery - WSJ
Mads Brügger’s quasi-documentary takes a convoluted, self-reflective approach to the death of Dag Hammarskjöld, the U.N. secretary-general who died in a plane crash back in 1961. via Pocket
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What the FTC's Crackdown on Facebook Means for User Data
Facebook must pay a $5B fine after the FTC found the social media company deceived users and improperly managed their personal data. Under settlement, FB is also subject to stricter oversight on how it manages user data. WSJ explains what that means for users including:

-3rd party apps will have a harder time getting your data.

-FB will need your active consent to keep your facial recognition data.

-FB can't use your phone number for its advertising business without your consent. (They used this to sell ads.)

-FB must quickly notify authorities when data has been compromised.
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‘Aquarela’ Review: Awash in Beauty - WSJ
Water in all its forms is the subject of this unusual documentary feature. via Pocket
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‘Blinded by the Light’ Review: Born to Inspire - WSJ
A teen of Pakistani descent growing up under the austerity of Margaret Thatcher’s Britain finds a source of joy in the music of Bruce Springsteen. via Pocket
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Portland, Maine: An Incomparable Insider’s Guide - WSJ
The Maine seaport delivers all the ingredients for a late-summer escape—and then some. Novelist Richard Russo and three other savvy locals share their favorite seafood restaurants, hotel bars and island day trips. via Pocket
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As Global Order Crumbles, Risks of Recession Grow - WSJ
When assumptions about how the world works are shattered, a global downturn is often the result. via Pocket
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You Should Definitely Track Your Loved Ones’ Phones. Actually Maybe Not. - WSJ
Apple’s Find My Friends, Google Maps location sharing and Life360 let you stay on top of where your family and friends are, which can be both incredibly creepy and incredibly helpful. via Pocket
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A Tragedy of Our Times - WSJ
The Glimmerglass Festival presents the world premiere of Jeanine Tesori and Tazewell Thompson’s ‘Blue,’ as well as a shortened version of ‘The Ghosts of Versailles’ and productions of ‘Show Boat’ and ‘La Traviata.’ via Pocket
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‘The Center Won’t Hold’ by Sleater-Kinney Review: Beginnings and Endings - WSJ
The group’s ninth album—the last recorded before its drummer’s departure—features an ambitious new sound. via Pocket
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Eric Holder Urges Judges to Vote Democratic - WSJ
The justices rejected his flawed argument, but he presses on with it in state court. via Pocket
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‘The Plateau’ Review: A Culture of Selflessness - WSJ
An isolated community in southern France showed what could be done to protect victims of persecution during World War II. via Pocket
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‘i,i’ by Bon Iver Review: A Sonic Masterpiece Woven From Past and Present - WSJ
On the group’s new album, the tech-heavy sound of their recent work meets the crashing orchestral folk-rock of their earlier efforts. via Pocket
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‘David H. Koch Hall of Fossils’ Review: A Too Shallow Treatment of Deep Time - WSJ
The newly renovated display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is filled with fascinating dinosaurs, but the story it tells is confusing and unfocused. via Pocket
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Dead Calm Before the 5G Storm - WSJ
The global smartphone market is taking a significant pause ahead of the rollout of 5G services. The big question is just how long that pause will last.

But early reviews of 5G services have been rough, noting the service’s spotty availability and the tendency of the phones to overheat. And those phones are expensive: the 5G version of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10 lineup costs about 30% more than an equivalent model without 5G. Wireless customers are already resistant to handset prices that have been creeping well over the $1,000 mark, and it is unclear whether faster service in limited markets will be enough to convince them to absorb further price increases.

And while Apple hasn’t announced its plans, the company isn’t expected to introduce a 5G iPhone until late next year. That too will likely be a significant constraint on 5G demand given the fact that the iPhone has leading market share at the premium end of the smartphone market where customers are more likely to upgrade early. As fast as 5G service promises to be, the wait will be painful.
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GM, Volkswagen Say Goodbye to Hybrid Vehicles - WSJ
Two of the world’s largest auto makers say they see no future for hybrid vehicles in their U.S. lineups. Their view contrasts with Toyota and Ford, which are working on full electrics but also expanding their U.S. hybrid offerings. via Pocket
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