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We’re Not All Going to Be Gig Economy Workers After All | CEPR Blog | CEPR
Katz and Kreuger have now walked back their earlier results. In a new paper released in January 2019, they note that what they thought was a trend of rapidly increasing gig jobs was actually a blip, due to the slow recovery from the recession and financial crisis of the 2007–2008 period. Many workers used short-term, freelance, and contingent work to fill the gap in income. This was a stopgap for working families, rather than a trend in employment; workers turned to standard jobs as the economy improved and these jobs became plentiful again
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Technically Speaking: Go-Jek "Kidnap" Driver Might Be Wrong, Too
Apart from trending in memes and dominating conversations at dinner tables over the last few days, the Go-Jek “Kidnap” crisis has garnered widespread media attention.  Mr Kamaruzzaman, a private hire driver for Go-Jek Singapore, is behind the  video which has since gone viral. Companies, including ASUS and Caltex have since capitalised on this social media...

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Technically  Speaking:  Go-Jek  “Kidnap”  Driver  Might  Be  Wrong  Too 
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