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3 Things That Accelerated My Author Growth in 2015
Last year was a big year for me as a writer. It was the first year that I saw big success with non-fiction. It was the first year I started interviewing on podcasts. (I’ve now done over 10, and I’m…
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20 hours ago by john.sheets
Srinivas Rao - REFLECTIONS ON WRITING You have to let go of of...
You have to let go of of judgements, of the inner critic, of your regrets from the past and your worries about the future. And sometimes the blank page can be a place to bleed, to ditch all our baggage. After all nobody is going to read what we write in the privacy of our notebooks. We can put our darkest secrets, the things we swore we’d never tell another person into the pages of our notebooks. Blank pages are perfect closets in which to store your skeletons….So much for my plans to run for office.
It’s almost cathartic to write this way. But all the baggage is just a layer one that gets you closer to the essence of whatever it is you can’t not say…. the red thread, the through line, the theme, the ultimate message. The more you write, the more you reveal about yourself and what matters to you.
Writing is really more than anything a process and practice of getting to know yourself. I’ve heard it said before the page is our mirror. It allow us to see what we can’t see in a regular mirror, our thoughts, emotions and feelings. It’s the outer expression of our inner world. It challenges us to tell the truth, not just to ourselves, but to the world. Truthful writing is powerful writing. If you can’t feel what you write, you can’t expect the reader to.
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21 hours ago by lwhlihu
Was Francis Fukuyama the first man to see Trump coming? | Aeon Essays
His was a grim warning that if overly recognition-thirsty individuals lived in a world ‘characterised by peaceful and prosperous liberal democracy, then they will struggle against that peace and prosperity, and against democracy’
21 hours ago by iagor
Overcoming Bias : Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony
> In one kind of book, a smooth talker who has published many books takes a fraction of a year to explore a topic that has newly piqued their curiosity. In another kind of book, someone who has spend a lifetime wrestling with a big subject tries to put it all together into an integrated synthesis. Sometimes they even synthesis an entire research group or tradition. Kevin Laland’s book Darwin’s Unfinished Symphony is this second kind of book, a kind I much prefer.
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22 hours ago by porejide
RIP Denis McGrath
Met Denis in 2001 when he was still working at Space. We have lost a great voice.
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22 hours ago by dsankey
The Ugly New York Times Bestseller — The Creative Process in Action | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss
“I do my best writing between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.. Almost every friend I have who is a consistently productive writer, does their best writing between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. My quota is two crappy pages per day. I keep it really low so I’m not so intimidated that I never get started. I will do the gathering of interviews and research throughout the day. I’ll get all my notes and materials together and then I’ll do the synthesis between 10 p.m. to bed, which is usually 4 or 5 a.m.”
23 hours ago by craniac

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