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Hemingway Editor
An online and standalong writing editor that highlights writing and ways to make it bold and clear (sentence structure, adverbs, passive voice, etc)
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Cricket Team of Authors
"Rudyard Kipling, H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle, P.G. Wodehouse, G.K. Chesterton, and A. A. Milne all played on the same amateur cricket team." -- Scott Alexander
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Learn the basics with pen and paper
Do you want to have amazing and beautiful notebooks? Do you wish that you could sometimes get away from the screen and do actual work in your notebook without interruptions?
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Francesco D'Alessio's Mac and iPhone setup – The Sweet Setup
Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Francesco D’Alessio, and I am a freelancer currently working with a handful technology startups. I’m based remotely in the South West of the UK in a city called Plymouth.
I’m a massive fan of productivity apps and resources, reviewing them on my YouTube channel.
What is your current setup?
I have a mid-2016 MacBook Air with 8GB RAM and a 128 SSD. This is my daily driver. I don’t have any plugins to this resource — no monitors and mouses to distract me. My paper setup is also simple: a Baron Fig Confidant 2 notebook combined with an orange Rhodia squared pad. I also have an Amazon Echo on my desk that helps me connect to other services like Todoist, Newton, and other useful apps.
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