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Monzo - Tone of Voice
I’m not a fan of Monzo, but this is very good. Good in terms of its guidance, but also as an example of well written documentation. I learnt a few things!
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13 hours ago by paulrobertlloyd
How to Tell a Story - Smarter living Guides - The New York Times
Before there was history, there was storytelling. It’s essential to our human identity. The stories we tell are how we know who we are. And sharing a tale with an audience can be immensely rewarding. But for novices, it can also be terrifying. Fear of speaking in public is very common. A great many of the world’s greatest performers have struggled with powerful stage fright. So you should know that you’re not alone. We’re here to help you build your confidence and find your own voice.
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18 hours ago by andrewedunn

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