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Rocking Book Covers
Definitely not the cheapest but the covers are good. And tbh, that is a crucial thing to get right.
13 minutes ago by jayeless
The Punctuation Guide
After searching the web for a comprehensive guide to American punctuation and not finding one, I decided to create my own.

In the early years of written English, punctuation served to mark pauses and other aspects of speech when text was read aloud. Over the subsequent centuries, punctuation marks were refined, eventually being used to indicate grammatical relationships between parts of a sentence. Today, punctuation serves both purposes, though the grammatical function dominates.

This guide shows the current style of American punctuation. British punctuation is slightly different, as explained here (http://www.thepunctuationguide.com/british-versus-american-style.html).

In creating this guide, I have consulted dozens of authorities, both online and in print. Where the authorities disagree, I either have explained the various positions or have presented the style I believe to be most useful. Fortunately, in most aspects of punctuation, there is general agreement.

Finally, as everyone knows, rules are made to be broken. Though it is a tired cliché that you must know the rules before you can break them, it is nevertheless true. This guide will show you the rules, but it is up to you to decide what to do with them.
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yesterday by dusko
A Five-Minute Guide to Better Typography - Pierrick Calvez
Don't nerd over typefaces, just
pick one / Think type as blocks /
Align with your eyes / Hierarchy
first / Use contrast / Fine-tune
with spacing And voila.

From a three-part talk series on graphic design.

Articles are made of articles. I invite you to read Typography is Impossible (https://medium.engineering/typography-is-impossible-5872b0c7f891) and The Punctuation Guide (http://www.thepunctuationguide.com/index.html).
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yesterday by dusko
cameron tonkinwise on Twitter: "How long is the list of things you have learned from attending a conference (that you could not have learned by reading a blogpost/article [versus: would not have learned because TL;DR/‘pivot to video’]?"
"How long is the list of things you have learned from attending a conference (that you could not have learned by reading a blogpost/article [versus: would not have learned because TL;DR/‘pivot to video’]?

Of those things you did learn, how many did you put into (your) practice [without reading further to get more detail]?"

[my response, in a way:

"@jarrettfuller I fell asleep thinking about this"

@jarrettfuller and I woke up thinking about how your look into video essays http://jarrettfuller.com/projects/roughsketch … +

@jarrettfuller might go very well with the idea of the zero(/low)-carbon conference https://pinboard.in/u:robertogreco/t:conferences/t:sustainability … (first three bookmarks) + [no longer the fist three, but more than that]

@jarrettfuller and now I am wondering about what that would mean for teaching writing (video essay producing) and also what this all means now that we have seen the pivot-to-video debacle /fin ]
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yesterday by robertogreco
GitHub - tholman/tutorial-markdown: Interactive coding tutorials with markdown
“Tutorial markdown is a small js library, which allows (with some data attributes) for a tutorial to type, and execute its code as you scroll through the document.”
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yesterday by leereamsnyder

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