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`prefetch` in combination of `Cache-Control` · Issue #21 · GoogleChromeLabs/quicklink

If a resource in Chrome is prefetched with `<link rel=prefetch>` (via HTML or the header), it will be kept around for 5 minutes. This lasts until the resource has been consumed, at which point the normal cache-control rules for the resource will apply.

That's to say, if a resource has `Cache-Control: no-cache` my understanding is those prefetched resources need to be kept around until next navigation, even if they are not cacheable.
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11 days ago by WimLeers
Google isn’t the company that we should have handed the Web over to | Ars Technica

As another example, YouTube uses a feature called HTML imports to load scripts. HTML imports haven't been widely adopted, either by developers or browsers alike, and ECMAScript modules are expected to serve the same role. But they're available in Chrome and used by YouTube. For Firefox and Edge, YouTube sends a JavaScript implementation of HTML imports which carries significant performance overheads. The result? YouTube pages that load in a second in Chrome take many seconds to load in other browsers.
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8 weeks ago by WimLeers
TCP Slow Start

So in stead of saying “Let’s deliver within 1 second” you should think of it as “Let’s deliver within the first 4 TCP roundtrips”.

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9 weeks ago by WimLeers
Magic numbers
Must-read: "Magic numbers" —
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10 weeks ago by WimLeers

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