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Trump, Brexit and Echoes of World War I - Bloomberg
“And so tens of millions and conceivably hundreds of millions of people’s greatest aspiration is to come to the West. And if a substantial portion of those people come, then it is going to transform our society in ways that most people don’t want. And why should they want it? It is vital to both Europe and the U.S. to have some immigration, but it seems to me essential to recognize that if you’re going to preserve the stability of our societies, the consent of our existing electorates, you cannot have an absolute freedom of movement, there have to be controls on immigration. It is hardly surprising that an awful lot of perfectly decent people both in Britain and in the United States are deeply angry with the elites about the failure to control immigration.”
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RT : "KNOWLEDGE WINS. Public Library Books Are Free." Awesome poster w/evergreen message.…
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RT : Experimenting with to showcase our materials. This year is the centennial!…
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A Passionate Prodigality, Chapter 4
On a morning when light filtered through a bleached world, and a blanket of mist was spread upon the ground so that our eyes could only pierce to the edge of our own wire, the whole company seized the …
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