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World's First Car! - YouTube
tags: world’s first car by karl benz from Germany ;;;
working  model  of  world’s  first  car  by  karl  benz  from  Germany  needsEditing 
7 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Soul Run Free Pro Bio Singapore Launch: World's First AI Earphones
Brought to Singapore’s shores by distributor McBay, The Run Free Pro Bio is Soul Electronics’ latest fitness-oriented earphones. Its predecessor, the Run Free Pro, is the brand’s runner-specific device – the addition of the “Bio” monicker alludes to the onboard biomechanical sensors that provide gait analysis that aid in injury reduction and performance gains. While...

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Soul  Run  Free  Pro  Bio  Singapore  Launch:  World’s  First  AI  Earphones 
november 2018 by vrzone

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