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Woodshop / Workshop - 2nd Floor of Garage
Great creativity setting up this garage attic woodshop. Although I plan to keep my shop at ground level and use the garage attic (if built) as a study, this is still a great way to visualize how the space could be used.
garage  construction  building  woodworking  workshop 
4 days ago by edj
HCI for Accurate, Impartial and Transparent Journalism: Challenges and Solutions – CHI workshop: May 5th, 2019, Glasgow, Scotland
"This workshop is based on the need to bridge the gap between HCI and digital journalism scholars and practitioners. On the one hand, designers and engineers often lack knowledge about journalistic norms and practices, which form the framework for professional journalism. On the other hand, journalists face continuous challenges in leveraging the affordances of new technologies."
workshop  hci  journalism  research  computational-journalism  media  news 
11 days ago by ssn
Call for Participants: Discussion of Machine Learning & Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration
Project Outcomes

During 2019, the Hesburgh Libraries grant team will develop several in-person and online opportunities designed to stimulate national engagement and assess stakeholder demand for these proposed tools. The grant team intends to:

Facilitate conversation among scholars, computer scientists, and librarians to reconcile domain-specific, best approaches to support cross-disciplinary discovery
Determine how to provide a framework for librarians to engage in innovative approaches to supporting research
Ascertain the national need for library-based automated tools that support cross-disciplinary research
Identify and solidify partnerships for tool development in support of this need
cfp  dh  machine_learning  library  workshop 
13 days ago by asandersgarcia
CFP: Right2Left at DHSI 2019 | EADH - The European Association for Digital Humanities
The format is yet to be determined, but the workshop might include presentations, lightning talks of work in progress or future research ideas, field reports, brainstorming sessions, tool demos, and an opportunity for social networking. If you are interested in participating, please send your expression of interest indicating both your topic and the desired format of your participation to <> by 21 January 2019. Include in your submission a short bio statement of no more than 150 words.
conference  workshop  dh  cfp 
13 days ago by asandersgarcia
Institute for the Editing of Historical Documents | Applications due Feb. 15
• Do you want to learn how to design, propose, and execute a high-impact documentary editing project?
• Are you excited about an editorial project that you have begun to plan or to put together, but are not sure how to proceed?
• Are you having difficulty identifying which of the many available editorial methods, models, web and/or print platforms would be the most effective for you and your specific project?
• If you recently began working for an established editorial project, or are otherwise entering the field for the first time, are you interested in learning about what it will take to become a successful editorial project leader?

If any of these questions apply to you, we encourage you to apply to this year’s IEHD, where the full range of tasks and issues involved in producing high-quality documentary editions will be addressed in an intensive seminar under the guidance of skilled and experienced faculty and alongside peers from a wide variety of fields and backgrounds. We are especially interested in applicants who have already begun seriously thinking about or planning new editorial projects, whether as standalone works or as parts of larger undertakings. At the IEHD, we hope to connect the next group of leaders and pioneers in the field of documentary editing with the guidance, understanding, and resources they will need to realize their goals.
dh  digital_edition  workshop  history 
13 days ago by asandersgarcia
Hyper Island Toolbox
collaborative tools for design input
agile  workshop  tools  ux 
14 days ago by oli

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