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MIT is testing a desk that changes when you're stressed at work — Quartz
Researchers at MIT Media Lab have designed a desk that adapts to the mood of the user by adjusting lighting, changing images on a screen (attached to the front of the desk) and playing different sound through a set of speakers. The project, called “Mediated Atmosphere,” is based on psychological studies about the way space impacts productivity.
Researcher Nan Zhao said the desk is a combination of technology, psychology, and design. The prototype collects over 30 biological signals including heart-rate, facial-expressions, and posture. The workspace adapts to what the sensors indicate, like showing a video of running wanter if the user is stressed.
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yesterday by shannon_mattern
Stop Hiring for Culture Fit
Excellent writeup of the hiring culture at Netflix and how to build a good company culture around hiring.
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3 days ago by adamvig
CMSWire: Takeaways from Digital Workplace Experience 2018
Dom Nicastro of industry blog CMSWire recently wrote an overview of the 2018 Digital Workplace Experience conference, in particular citing Brian Solis’ keynote address.
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21 days ago by briansolis
How White People Handle Diversity Training in the Workplace
As a former professor and current facilitator and consultant, I am in a position to give white people feedback on how their unintentional racism is manifesting itself. In this position, I have…
24 days ago by lenards
"Beautiful" design making the mouse useless while it charges...
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25 days ago by stealingsand
5 Digital Workplace Trends Shaping The Future of Work in 2018 - Acuvate
3. Analytics For Everything By 2020, 85% of new operation-based technical positions hires will be screened for analytical and artificial intelligence skills – IDC In 2018 we can see a majority of enterprises focusing more on application of analytics across multiple domains. via Pocket
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25 days ago by jburkunk

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