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Tech campuses have a exploitative historical parallel: company towns — Quartz at Work
A product largely of industrialization in the 18th and 19th centuries and, in some cases, stretching into the middle part of the 20th century, the company town began as a social experiment. Could a company, centered on a single industry such as mining, textiles, or steel, create and own a town where workers would live and work for many, many years—perhaps from cradle to grave?
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Comparably - Transparent Compensation & Culture
Jason Nazar Co-founder and CEO of Comparably,
Website where employees publicly rate their employers and where they can see how much they are getting paid. Has solutions for companies to help them with the employer brand and recruitment marketing
Goal is to make workplaces more transparent
appeared on siriusxm business radio launchpad on 2018-10-17
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WeWork’s Rise: How a Sublet Start-Up Is Taking Over - The New York Times
Critics have derided WeWork as overvalued and vulnerable to the next downturn. But the company holds so many leases in so many cities, it might hold more power than its landlords.
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7 days ago by areadevelopment
Do you need an LMS in the modern workplace? – Continuous Improvement Learning & Development
A Learning Management System (LMS) has been seen for many years as an essential tool for a Learning & Development department to track and manage their people’s e-training. However as there is now a shift towards supporting all kinds of learning in the organisation, the need for an LMS in the modern workplace is being questioned
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8 days ago by michlr
Poor man’s Bose – Open Office and On The Go Noise Control
Cheap solution for office noise control headphones. Includes research on best type of noise to use.
8 days ago by adamvig
In Disney’s Golden Age, a Modernist Pioneer Designed the Perfect Animator’s Desk | Collectors Weekly
"A key characteristic of the Director’s Table was its intentional placement in the middle of an office, so that numerous animators could gather around it. Drawers and cubbies on all sides added to its role as a hub for collaboration, and there were foot-rests under both of the table’s wide sides to afford the artists the same level of ergonomic courtesy as the directors they reported to. Story Desks were private spaces. Designed to face a wall, the desks could be tilted forward to face the artist"
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13 days ago by JohnDrake
My Four Rules
"(1) Don’t speak ill of others; (2) Avoid passive aggressive behavior; (3) Listen broadly, but don’t waffle on decisions; (4) When in error — admit, apologize, move forward."
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17 days ago by egrajeda
Gamification has a dark side
The dark side of gamifying work

One of the most common user experiences of our time is also a tool of social control. And nowhere is that more true than in the workplace.
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19 days ago by jorgebarba

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