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Laudator Temporis Acti: Aimless Work
No worse fate can befall a man than to have to work every day from morning to night against his will at a job that he abhors. The more the worker feels himself a man, the more must he detest work of this kind — the more acutely is he aware of the fact that such aimless labour gives rise to no inner spiritual satisfaction.
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22 days ago by Vaguery
Is ‘AQ’ more important than intelligence? - BBC Worklife
This could lead to a deep dive. This is a tangent to others things adaptive I've been working on and around for the last 10 or so years. The ability to be (or build) comfort with change in a world that changes quickly is key.
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28 days ago by vanderwal
Why I Quit Twitter, a List - Derek Powazek - Medium
After 12 years and over 41,700 tweets, I’ve deactivated my Twitter account. Here’s a few reasons why.. “Why I Quit Twitter, a List” is published by Derek Powazek.
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september 2019 by dmje
Unemployed Negativity: What Deleuze and Guattari Get Wrong (About Capitalism).
"…the theorizing that Deleuze and Guattari offer, what could be characterized briefly as a theory of the economy of affects, offers at least some basis for beginning to understand the perverse world we live in in which the rise and fall of the stock market is almost a libidinally charged event and unemployment is as much a psychic trauma as an economic condition."
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august 2019 by Vaguery
fragments toward freedom – Gukira
We now inhabit two governing temporalities: the hustle and the grind

the hustle is the gig economy, the sharing economy, the precarious economy, the anxiety economy: it is frantic and fragmented, unstable, frustrating, and disciplinary—“we all have to hustle”; it is the hurry up and work and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait to get paid, or never paid; it is less about getting and staying ahead, but perhaps it is, but with the knowledge-feeling that getting and staying ahead means just keeping your head above water; it is the loan economy, the credit economy, the debt economy, the “waiting for something to come through and I’ll sort you out” economy; it’s faking it while you fake it; it’s a survival economy; it’s Kenya’s increasing dollar millionaires, paid with your hustle

the grind economy—I listened to 90s R&B—wears down and convinces us that being worn down is pleasurable; “I’m on my grind”; the seduction of the grind—why capitalism loves it—is because it convinces us that we choose to grind and to be worn down, worn out, worn away; “I’m on my grind”; a misrecognition: that you own the grind; “stop interrupting my grinding”; “bump and grind,” a song created by a sexual abuser, who sees “nothing wrong”; kikulacho

What did we have to lose—or never know—to transform hustle and grind into objects of desire and even love?
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june 2019 by Vaguery
google teamwork research
Psychological safety: Everyone feels safe in taking risks around their team members, and that they won’t be embarrassed or punished for doing so.
Dependability: Everyone completes quality work on time.
Structure and clarity: Everyone knows what their specific expectations are. These expectations must be challenging yet attainable.
Meaning: Everyone has a sense of purpose in their work (i.e., financial security, supporting family, helping the team succeed, etc.).
Impact: Everyone sees that the result of their work actually contributes to the organization’s overall goals.
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june 2019 by Tisiwoota
What is this??? Getting served alcoholic drinks before 12? 😯🍹


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may 2019 by jbhewitt
Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work?
I saw the greatest minds of my generation log 18-hour days — and then boast about #hustle on Instagram. When did performative workaholism become a lifestyle?
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april 2019 by beery
Blue Oak Council Examples
This page links to example language showing how contracts, policies, and other documents can reference the Blue Oak Council’s license list and model license to set rules about software licensing.
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april 2019 by Vaguery

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