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Highlighting Text | Working with Text in HTML | Peachpit ;;;
Since mark is new in HTML5, older browsers don’t render a background color by default. You can instruct them to do so by adding mark { background-color: yellow; } to your style sheet.
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18 minutes ago by neerajsinghvns
Sidemail - Quick & easy email for all your side projects | Product Hunt
간단한 메일링 리스트 서비스, 그러니까 그룹 메일링을 제공한다. 사이드 프로젝트용으로 매우 가볍게 쓸 메일링 리스트가 필요할 때 보면 된다.
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9 days ago by andromedarabbit
5 Tips For Working Remote First – João Tiago – Medium
Changing from a 1000 people co-located office to a 4 person remote-first start-up, working as a close partner for a client company with over 500 people on a handful of locations made me grow as an…
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9 days ago by gilberto5757
Coming Soon
Uses a closed loop ICE of sorts, using input hydrogen/methane and oxygen along with working fluid argon. Burn in a piston, condense out the water, membrane filter the CO2, and recycle the argon back to the cylinder.
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16 days ago by asteroza

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