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Digital Preservation Step by Step | Orbis Cascade Alliance
Based on NDSA levels, really clear about how to improve your situation.
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18 hours ago by dsalo
Dirty dealing in the $175 billion Amazon Marketplace
Last August, Zac Plansky woke to find that the rifle scopes he was selling on Amazon had received 16 five-star reviews overnight. Usually, that would be a good thing, but the reviews were strange.
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14 days ago by matthewcassinelli
To all out there: Enjoy the lastest post of Bhusan explaining how uses ,…
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6 weeks ago by sandermak
Weights & Biases
We're building developer tools for deep learning. Add a couple lines of code to your training script and we'll keep track of your hyperparameters, system metrics, and outputs so you can compare experiments, see live graphs of training, and easily share your findings with colleagues.
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6 weeks ago by nharbour
My custom dotfiles. Contribute to mclear-tools/dotfiles development by creating an account on GitHub.
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11 weeks ago by emory

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