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Outback Nerf: Review: Worker Retaliator Bolt
Overall I'm quite impressed with the Worker Retaliator bolt. For the blasters it is compatible with, it offers a substantial performance boost for almost no effort, at a low cost. With stronger springs, it may offer an even larger performance boost. I believe that due to its lack of AR, and longer functional barrel, it may also be compatible with short darts. I do not have the equipment to test this myself however. Additionally, its removable AR piece can be reinstalled if a lower muzzle velocity is required, and gives performance roughly comparable to a stock, AR-intact bolt.

Naturally, its performance is not going to compare favourably with a full sealed breach, as such systems allow for an even longer functional barrel. There are many aftermarket partially/fully sealed breach systems for short darts that would likely offer far superior performance. As such, I would not recommend this Worker bolt if you are looking to use exclusively short darts, or if you are aiming for as high a muzzle velocity as possible. What it offers over any other bolt/breach system is its very low cost, and very high convenience. If you're looking for a cheap, low effort performance boost over a stock bolt and use full length darts, or both full length and short darts (assuming it is compatible with short darts), I'd definitely recommend giving this Worker bolt a look.
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7 weeks ago by 44sunsets

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