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Top 25 Big Data Companies - Datamation
Here are 25 of the top companies to consider in the Big Data world.
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yesterday by benjudge
the 10 Largest Data Center Providers in the World
Bigger is better when it comes to success in data center services, and here’s who the biggest players are
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yesterday by benjudge
No Wild West here – Workday’s CEO on customer satisfaction - by @dahowlett
"Workday maintains an iron grip over its implementations. That is a direct contributor to customer satisfaction. Aneel Bhusri, CEO Workday expands on this theme."
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yesterday by jonerp
How to add an image to the "drawable" folder in Android Studio? - Stack Overflow
Copy .png image and paste to drawable folder.

You can add image by using xml file

android:src="@drawable/image_name" />

OR You can set image by using program:

ImageView iv = (ImageView)findViewById(v);
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yesterday by rwhe
France road sign B6a1 - Comparison of European road signs - Wikipedia
Panneau B6a1. Stationnement interdit (France). No parking.

Roulex 45 - Own work

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yesterday by rwhe

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