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prewk/result: Result object for PHP inspired by Rust
Result object for PHP inspired by Rust. Contribute to prewk/result development by creating an account on GitHub.
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2 minutes ago by meeb
'Must be willing to work under pressure' is a warning sign - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
(This post makes a lot of good points.)
“When it comes to talking about the company values, for example, it’s always in the first person: ‘we are risk-takers, we are thoughtful and careful, we turn lead into gold with a mere touch of our godlike fingers.’ But when it comes to pressure it’s always in the second person or third person: it’s always something you need to deal with.

“Who is responsible for the pressure? It’s a mysterious mystery of strange mystery.

“But of course it’s not. Almost always it’s the employer who is creating the pressure. So let’s switch those job requirements to first person and see how it reads:

“• ‘We set aggressive deadlines, and we will pressure you to meet them.’
“• ‘We will say and do things you might find offensive, and we will pressure you.’
“• ‘We set tight deadlines, and we will pressure you to meet them.’
“• ‘We will pressure you, and we will make you work long hours.’

“That sounds even worse, doesn’t it?”
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58 minutes ago by handcoding
Application detection dependant on the absence of an application : SCCM
To remove Apple Software Update 2.2, create an Application called something like "Apple Software Update 2.2 (uninstall only)" and add a Deployment Type with the following settings:

Installation program: blah (it doesn't matter what you enter here, it just can't be blank)

Uninstall program: MsiExec.exe /x {56EC47AA-5813-4FF6-8E75-544026FBEA83} /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress

Detection method: MSI product code {56EC47AA-5813-4FF6-8E75-544026FBEA83}

Leave everything else as the default. D...
work  sccm  uninstall  java 
2 hours ago by yarngeek
Changing demographics of scientific careers: The rise of the temporary workforce | PNAS
Contemporary science has been characterized by an exponential growth in publications and a rise of team science. At the same time, there has been an increase in the number of awarded PhD degrees, which has not been accompanied by a similar expansion in the number of academic positions. In such a competitive environment, an important measure of academic success is the ability to maintain a long active career in science. In this paper, we study workforce trends in three scientific disciplines over half a century. We find dramatic shortening of careers of scientists across all three disciplines. The time over which half of the cohort has left the field has shortened from 35 y in the 1960s to only 5 y in the 2010s. In addition, we find a rapid rise (from 25 to 60% since the 1960s) of a group of scientists who spend their entire career only as supporting authors without having led a publication. Altogether, the fraction of entering researchers who achieve full careers has diminished, while the class of temporary scientists has escalated.
science  publishing  work  university  research 
3 hours ago by basemaly
Live Work Anywhere - Resources for Nomadic Entrepreneurs
Through the Live Work Anywhere blog, the courses, and our products, you’ll be inspired to leave your day job, or re-structure it, you’ll learn how to get a remote job, how to manage your time – your daily routine and your productivity to stay productive while on the road, and for the more adventurous and entrepreneurial you’ll learn how to actually start and run a tech startup from the road.
remote  mobile  travel  work 
6 hours ago by rsewan
Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss | First Round Review
Kim Scott cut her teeth as a manager at Apple and Google, and now helps create great leaders as an author and coach for companies like Twitter. Here's the secret that's made all the difference for her.
work  management 
6 hours ago by futurelevel
Revealed: Google's 'two-tier' workforce training document
The risks Google appears to be most concerned about include standard insider threats, like leaks of proprietary information, but also – and especially – the risk of being found to be a joint employer, a legal designation which could be exceedingly costly for Google in terms of benefits.

Google’s treatment of TVCs [temps, vendors and contractors] has come under increased scrutiny by the company’s full-time employees (FTEs) amid a nascent labor movement at the company, which has seen workers speak out about both their own working conditions and the morality of the work they perform.

American companies have long turned to temps and subcontractors to plug holes and perform specialized tasks, but Google achieved a dubious distinction this year when Bloomberg reported that in early 2018, the company did not directly employ a majority of its own workforce.
The two-tier system has complicated labor activism at Google. After 20,000 workers joined a global walkout on 1 November, the company quickly gave in to one of the protesters’ demands by ending forced arbitration in cases of sexual harassment – but only for FTEs.

On 5 December, the walkout organizers published an anonymous open letter addressed to Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, from “TVCs at Google”. The letter detailed some of the material concerns that TVCs face due to Google’s differential treatment, including lower wages and “minimal benefits”.
by:JuliaCarrieWong  from:TheGuardian  Google  contractors  work  TradesUnions 
8 hours ago by owenblacker
My Wishlist for Hot Reloading - Overreacted
I don't want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing I need. Specs for interactive development with JavaScript .
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8 hours ago by bfulop

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