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How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You) - Wait But Why
Do you treat the words of your external influences as information, held and considered by an authentic inner you, that you’ve carefully decided to embrace? Or are your influences themselves actually in your brain, masquerading as inner you?

Do you want the same thing someone else you know wants because you heard them talk about it, you thought about it alongside your own life experience, and you eventually decided that, for now, you agree? Or because you heard someone talk about what they want or fear, and you thought, “I don’t know shit and that person does, so if they say X is true, I’m sure they’re right”—and then you etched those ideas into your mind, never again feeling the need to question them?
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Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? - The New York Times
The #USA has 5 fastfood outlets for every #grocery #store #obesity - Call for #culture change - #cooking seen as "work"
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