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Romania’s private healthcare services market, up 12% in 2017
The private healthcare services market in Romania went up by 12% in 2017, to EUR 1.7 billion, according to an analysis by medical services comparison service Mediprice.

The top five medical services companies in Romania had a combined turnover of about EUR 400 million last year, according to the same study.

Overall, this market recorded an average yearly growth rate of 9.5% between 2011 and 2016, showing a significant increase in the demand for private medical services.

“The instability of the public healthcare system and the higher available income for the middle class contributed to this evolution,” said Mediprice general manager Eliza Pintilie.

The high level of informal payments in the state medical system pushed many patients to private units. The number of private hospitals in Romania thus doubled between 2011 and 2016 to 200 units while he number of private medical centers tripled to over 600.
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13 hours ago by ondrejr
TWM window manager on RHEL 7
At issue is Red Hat’s decision to remove the window manager TWM from their version 7 distribution. Every now and again, you will have a minimal Linux installation for a server, however you still need some sort of GUI for completing a software installation. At House of Brick, we find that this is very common when doing Oracle Database installations.
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13 hours ago by ahall
Why ‘Find your passion!’ may be bad advice | Stanford News
The belief that interests arrive fully formed and must simply be “found” can lead people to limit their pursuit of new fields and give up too easily.
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17 hours ago by basemaly
On chronic pain
I have, since my late teenage years, had chronic pain in both wrists, a result of heavy computer use that started when I was very young. I was fascinated by computers and absolutely determined to become an expert at everything that could be done on them; this drive led me to many spans of overworking as I tried to do everything I could in as short a time as I could. This obsessiveness combined with poor ergonomic practices led to a slow buildup of nerve adhesions and chronic tendinitis.

Nearly everyone experiences pain at some point in their life. A stubbed toe, a broken arm, a headache; during the moment it is difficult to focus on anything else, the pain taking center stage.

Chronic pain is a bit more insidious. It can be just as intense as acute pain, but it never really goes away. The brain gets used to it and adapts, coping with it by learning to ignore it. But this constant need to put it on a shelf takes effort, and that continuous effort is quite a drain on one’s energy.

The constant fight against this energy drain also is subject to other influences that are harder to ignore. There are always dozens of little stimuli that need to be constantly filtered out; background noises, little breezes, too-warm weather, the feeling of hair on your neck, the urge to use the restroom. But the mental effort that it takes to keep these at bay come from the same pool as the effort taken up by managing pain responses. And when that pool gets depleted, it can hit hard; when I hit my limit for the day it is like I’m pressed up against a wall, unable to move at all, unable to even breathe anymore. Every little stimulus suddenly takes my complete attention and the massive tidal waves of the millions of little things come crashing down around me.
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22 hours ago by owenblacker
Price's Law: Why Only A Few People Generate Half Of The Results - Darius Foroux
50% of the work is done by the square root of the total number of people who participate in the work.
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22 hours ago by soobrosa

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