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They Do That Sometimes - nagi_schwarz - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Written for the 2016 SGA Secret Santa. Dave Sheppard's girls are kidnapped. John Sheppard and his team - and the dubiously-humored Dr. Daniel Jackson - show up to help. Gun fights and car chases ensue.
fan:StargateAtlantis  fan:StargateSG-1  pair:McKay/Sheppard  author:nagi_schwarz  words:5000-10000  tag:earthside  tag:bystanderpov 
10 weeks ago by agedsolarwhisk
Been Here All Along
Sam is a late bloomer. Traditionally, omegas found their partner and went through their first heat by sixteen. Sam is about to turn eighteen, and he hasn’t even let out a whiff of heat. He’s never been interested in any of his suitors, either. And Sam has had plenty. Dean can’t help but be pleased as punch about the whole situation.

Or Dean pines cluelessly and Sam waits patiently.

author: versaillesatnight
spn  au  a/b/o  AO3  words:5000-10000  not-my-kink-but  Ruby  wincest  pining!dean 
january 2017 by troubledwater
In the Shadow of Your Wings
Castiel got his grace back, and with it his wings. But they weren't in pristine condition.

author: Aini_NuFire
spn  hurt!castiel  charlie  wing!fic  AO3  words:5000-10000  dld 
january 2017 by troubledwater
Walk 'Verse
The one where Dean walks

author: lifting_latches
spn  curtain!fic  castiel  livejournal  words:5000-10000  dld 
january 2017 by troubledwater
Like Unto Him
Near-futurefic, post-nonapocalypse. The Winchesters are the only people he knows in the world, and they saved the world, he is proud to know them – but they seem content to know only each other. He has fulfilled his function, the orders have stopped coming, and what good is he to anyone.
spn  Season5  fallen!castiel  hurt!dean  wincestiel  livejournal  words:5000-10000  dld 
december 2016 by troubledwater
Broken Leags and Sick Brothers
Dean’s a grumpy patient, and Sam’s doing the best he can. Featuring Broken Legged Dean, and an extremely Sick Sammy. Set mid pretty much early Season 2.

The one where Sam works at a diner.

author: skag trendy
spn  Season2  sick!sam  hospitalized!sam  guilty!dean  fanfiction.net  words:5000-10000  dld 
december 2016 by troubledwater
No Sympathy For You
He took his cell phone and turned it on, revealing 56 missed phone calls from Dean and Bobby.

author: Karen Winchester
spn  suicidal!sam  Season5  add2compendium  fanfiction.net  words:5000-10000  dld 
december 2016 by troubledwater
i am never without it
and that's how, not even twenty-four hours later, Dean finds himself staring morosely at a bunch of very generic-looking cards in the middle of a department store. None of them quite covers 'incestuous soulmates,' he thinks sourly.

author: ratherastory
spn  Season7  wincest  words:5000-10000  AO3  romance  dld 
november 2016 by troubledwater
On A Wing And A Prayer
It's a slow, almost lazy night at the bar when the Winchesters walk in.

author: sinestrated
spn  wincest  demon!sam  OPV  bamf!sam  bamf!dean  livejournal  words:5000-10000  dld 
october 2016 by troubledwater
Knit My Bones Astride
Summary: Given in marriage to the chieftain of a fierce warrior tribe to secure an army to regain his cousin's throne, Jensen --prince of the House of Ackles--is thrust into a world he has never known before and must fight for not only who he wants to become, but also a love he never dared to expect

author: tebtosca
j2  au  barbarian!jared  arranged!marriage  livejournal  words:5000-10000  dld 
october 2016 by troubledwater
A Letter to my Brother
Summary: For the Experimental Bingo square 'epistolary', a final letter from Sam Winchester

author: toratio
spn  suicidal!sam  note  livejournal  words:5000-10000  Season11  dld 
september 2016 by troubledwater
Darker Shade of Black
They say that no one can get out of here. Never been done. Never will be done. Sam's heard that before, and Dean has never, ever, been wrong about his prediction on how long it will take them to get out. He's good that way.
spn  au  wincest  words:5000-10000  serial-killer!dean  serial-killer!sam  dld 
june 2016 by troubledwater
Nothing But The Truth
While on a hunt, Sam accidentally gets more than he bargained for when he asked for the truth.

author: glowystars325
spn  suicidal!sam  AO3  words:5000-10000  Season6 
april 2016 by troubledwater
A Night Without Armor
Everybody knows that a dragon lives in the caves behind Jensen's village. Not that many villagers have seen it but there are plenty of stories of cattle going missing and knights travelling there on quests only to later return scorched and terrified. 
One day Jensen and his friends are messing around and he gets dared to go up into the mountains and steal an item from the dragon's treasure hoard. Jensen figures he'll borrow a piece of his mothers jewellery and hang about on the side of the mountain before sneaking back down and pretending to have seen the dragon. What he doesn't expect is to meet a mysterious man lounging on the mountainside and who seems rather reluctant to let Jensen leave...

author: laisserais
via:spnkink_meme  j2  au  AO3  dragon!jared  words:5000-10000  dld 
february 2016 by troubledwater
Torture Me So Sweetly
When the demons attack an angel sanctuary, the demon brothers Dean and Sam discover a terrified angel youth named Castiel and convince him that if they 'mark' him he will be safe.

author: The Miss_Lv
demon!dean  demon!sam  bottom!castiel  dubcon  angels/demons  AO3  dld  words:5000-10000  ***  wing!fic 
february 2016 by troubledwater
Each Our Own Devil
Summary: I will kill myself before letting you in. And I'll just bring you back. Sam takes Lucifer at his word and Dean kills monsters. They learn that they keep each other human. Set primarily after 5x03 and 5x04.

also at: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5498717

author: quiescent9
spn  Season5  suicidal!sam  wincest  livejournal  words:5000-10000  ao3 
december 2015 by troubledwater

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